Fat Princes Adventures Review – A Diablo-Style Hack-and-Slash for Sweets

Fat Princes Adventures promotes some of the familiar playstyle that has been seen within Diablo games. It is a hack-and-slash experience that is an abridged, isometric action RPG. It has a single story mode that you can go solo with, or take it with three other friends to lend a hand in saving the kingdom.

Fat Princes Adventures Review - A Diablo-Style Hack-and-Slash for Sweets

Fat Princes Adventures Gives You Cake, and Plenty of It

When you start Fat Princes Adventures, it will open up to a kingdom wherein you have been summoned to rescue to plump princesses from the Bitter Queen. You are then thrown immediately to your first boss battle which will allow you to save the first of the two royals to restore peace within the city’s walls. After which, the real adventure will begin as you then set out to explore the surrounding areas of the kingdom to rescue the second plum princess and defeat the evil queen.

Right from the onset, the game looks adorable despite being in a hack-and-slash environment. There are NPCs in the town, swaps, and forests that you will visit. The art style is lovely and it makes for oodles of blood to splatter around multiple areas. You will slice, dice, thwack, and even incinerate your enemies which are all very delightful and satisfying to do. The game also offers an option in its settings menu to put the gore down a notch for those who have rather weak constitutions.

Despite its cutesy appearance, the game does offer a bit of character customization options. You can shuffle across cute hairdos, makeup, and even a range of skin tones. There is also a cute and quirky addition of adding in a personality type. These can differ from making your hero strike a different pose with each varying personality, or their commentaries throughout the game that are governed by the personalities that you pick out.

While the story is not particularly that of which you can find in a complete narrative, but this is not much of a problem. However, the combat system does lack a bit of an “oomph” in it. After bashing and blasting a few brains here and there, it is painfully obvious that the battle system is a bit undercooked. There’s no actual weight to it. Hence, it all boils down to incessant button mashing as you just select one of the two attack buttons to play around with.

While Fat Princes Adventures does have pleasing visuals, it lacks so much in the most important aspect – its gameplay. There is nothing much to do except keep on attacking, and attacking, and attacking to no end for as long as there is an enemy to defeat. What you’re left with is just cute visuals and possibly a lot of blood on the ground.


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