Among the Sleep Review – Sleep is for the Weak

In Among the Sleep, you will be brought back down to your PJs to the time when you were crawling in all fours. As a baby, you will explore your day as you play with your toys within the few hours that you’re awake. But in this game, sleeping may not be such a good idea. This is a formerly PC crowdfunded game that has made its way into the PS4 and Xbox One. It places you into the role of an adorable baby in pajamas who is both adept at dragging around furniture (to the best of your ability) to help solve environmental puzzles that are riddled with insanely traumatic daydreams.

Among the Sleep Review - Sleep is for the Weak

Among the Sleep Places You Into the Realm of the Horrific Life of a Baby

Among the Sleep may be a short game as it can be completed within a span of about three to four hours of gameplay, but in those few short hours, you may find yourself literally screaming for Mommy. It is laced with multiple horror elements that come off comfortably into one polished single sitting. Much of the game’s unique appeal lies in the unique way the baby makes its way into the horror-filled world.

Even though the baby that you’re controlling can walk on two feet, it is faster to move about when your crawling. Seeing that you are only a wee child in this game and not a hardened marine, anything but the most basic of actions are off the menu. Commands can go from grabbing onto toys, chairs, and other objects that you can get your tiny little hands on. These can even assist you in traversing from point A to point B inside the toddler’s house. Jumping, or any action regarding that sort, is somewhat obviously absent.

When you start Among the Sleep (PC, PS4, Xbox One), if you haven’t read the game’s premise yet then you might think this is an easy game to deal with. It’s your birthday and you even get to eat some cake. Before long, things get sinister and your entire world shifts around you. What follows is a nightmarish trek of what could probably be the birthplace of every child’s horrific dreams.

Among the Sleep is a fast, curious, and very frightful take on what could possibly be every child’s trauma as it brings you scares from the most seemingly mundane sources. The game is quick, can be done in a single sitting, unpolished, but very eerily memorable.


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