Finally, a Production Drone That is Fast (Fastest) And Smart


Earlier drones have been marred by problems including obstacle avoidance and high-wind operation.

Teal, a drone released by a tech company, has been lauded as the world’s fastest production drone that can fly at speeds as high as 85MPH. The drone also comes with a 13MP camera that can record videos at 4K resolution.

According to the production company, the drone also has an onboard extremely powerful computing platform that allows it to support virtually an unlimited number of custom apps.

The drone market has been an erratic one in the past, to say the least. Most drone manufacturers who claim (or have claimed) to have produced the “fastest” drone have been only able to release a prototype model or a one-time only homebrew product.

In comes Teal. The company has stated that just because a drone is fast doesn’t mean it can’t be reliable or affordable enough for the general population.

If it wasn’t clear enough before then perhaps it should be mentioned that the company (that manufactures the drone) and the drone go by the same name. That name is Teal and it looks set to be the world’s fastest production grade drone.

The Teal drone can fly at speeds that surpass 70MPH. The company has claimed that if conditions are controlled enough, the drone can even go as fast as 85MPH. That speed would obviously come with its own set of problems like stability and longevity.

At speeds that exceed 75MPH, it is a safe bet that it would easily outpace 90 percent of the vehicles on any given highway.

As always, there’s a caveat though. The Teal has a range limit that doesn’t allow to go beyond a two-mile radius.

The world’s fastest drone can stay in the air for over 15 minutes. That time can be further extended to 20 minutes if you buy an endurance pack that comes separately.

People who drive their way to work on a regular basis would (almost all of you), no doubt, question the safety and reliability of a drone that can travel at such high speeds.

The company has tried to allay those fears by stating that the drone is been thoroughly tested in high winds. In an answer to a FAQ question, the company said that the Teal can fly safely in winds over 40MPH with no loss of control.


Teal drone is expected to be at least 30 MPH faster than some of its closest rivals.

The company, however, has cautioned that good judgment and alertness is always required when flying in winds that are considered to be high speed.

The Teal drone comes pre-installed with a high accuracy GPS and the manufacturers have developed several flight modes that take into account the skill level of the pilots. So people who are just beginning to fly a drone have nothing to fear and can start to fly a drone as soon as they have bought one (and have read the starter guide of course).

Vitally, the company has said that the Teal drone wouldn’t be just a toy for kids to play around with their friends. The Teal drone is designed to be useful in a broad set of applications.

From industries such as gaming and augmented reality to security and inspections, the opportunities that the drone offers for its owners are truly endless. Teal manufacturers have also included industries related to e-commerce, agriculture, automated drone flight along with many others where the Teal drone will be able to drive innovation and creativity.

The teal drone will come with a 13-megapixel 4K video capable camera and will ship with a powerful Graphic Processing Unit i.e. NVIDIA’s Tegra TX1 which is considered to be a high-end GPU in the drone industry.

Teal software developers have said that they would encourage third party apps for their drone. Because of the way Teal has been developed on the software side of things, people would be able to modify its flight modes to their hearts content.

The three core applications that will be available at launch would be,

  • Command & Control, which would offer modes ranging from beginner to advanced modes. It will also users to make live stream videos and will prove useful for activities such as waypoint navigation, geofencing, and media management.
  • Follow-Me, app would allow the drone (Teal) to follow a specific person based on advanced image recognition software. Of course, the equipment to carry out such tasks would be onboard the drone itself.
  • Racing, as the name suggests would allow drone pilots to race against each other. The app will also record flight logs. For the more experienced racers, there is already a fully fledged league system in place that goes by the name of The Drone Racing League

These applications aren’t unique in the drone industry but at least go on to show that Teal drone isn’t just a gimmick and in fact really a quality product for serious drone users.

The company has also committed to develop future applications and modules for the drone that would add features like thermal imaging, advanced position which would be vision based rather than GPS based and a radar module that would enable the drone to avoid obstacles and move smoothly through denser areas.


Some drones have achieved flight times of 45 minutes or more but Teal’s average, as per the company’s statement, is 15 minutes.

And after reading all this stuff, you thought to yourself “Man, this drone is great but I am sure there is no way these guys would come up with a drone like that for cheap”, then you thought right.

The Teal drone will cost you around $1300 and that too if you pre-order it now. Assuming the company follows the usual industry patterns (which it will because it doesn’t want to just survive, it wants to thrive in the drone industry), that price will go up after the official launch of Teal drone.

Teal is given you another incentive to hurry up and buy its drone. The company will ship you a high-endurance battery if you pre-order the product before August 15th.

If you do follow up and pre-order the drone, expect it to arrive by the time the holidays arrive at the end of the year.

Some have complained about the price of the teal drone but if you compare with some of the best drones that are already out there then the price should appear rather reasonable.

Don’t forget that, a DJI Phantom 4 will cost you around $1400 (its older version DJI Phantom 3 is much cheaper at the moment) and that drone can only fly at a measly 44MPH.


The flight time for Teal drone may be shorter than that of its counterparts but for those seeking a thrill rather than a standard experience (or if you like to program your toys yourself) then the teal deal looks mightily impressive.





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