Facebook – Of Chatbots and Cameras

Facebook has just recently held their F8 conference, and it means that there is an array of new announcements for their products and features. Two of the biggest introductions that happened in the aforementioned event are chatbots and the announcement of a 360-degree camera.

Facebook – Of Chatbots and Cameras

Facebook Announces Chatbots and a 360-Degree Camera

First let’s start with the idea of Facebook chatbots; they will be coming to the company’s Messenger app and the will basically make it easier to interact with brands under certain situations. For instance, if you’re about to check into a hotel room, or if you would like to inquire if a certain stock of a certain item is still available, then you can just log into that company’s page on the social media network then ask the question with the use of a conversation.

What the bot does is it is programmed with some of the basic chatting skills depending on how the program has been set up. It can interact based on information on the user will give it. For example, if you’re going to ask the bot on how’s the weather in a particular region to help you with your travel plans, it will respond with an appropriate answer. It can also ask a series of questions to see if the bot got it right.

These answers and inquiries are pretty simply and typical at the moment, but they do provide a great degree of usefulness especially for businesses who want to provide customer service, even without the immediate and direct aid of a representative. This kind of messaging can also be used for marketing and advertisement in the future. The social network giant promises that it will be very quick and easy to mute or block contacts that are bothering you with ads.

As for the Facebook 360-degree camera, it is called the Surround 360, and it does what its name suggests – take 360-degree images. It is a camera than instantly take footage in all directions at once. This will become increasingly important for virtual reality purposes in the near, and in the distant future.

Take note that Facebook is heavily invested in Oculus Rift, so it would make proper sense that the company is looking to keep and improve said investment for a good long while. Aside from the camera having 17 lenses around its saucer-like structure, it looks pretty cool as well. It also has a feature that will allow you to share photos and videos taken with it instantly to your social media account.


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