Miitomo – Nintendo’s Mobile Game Said to be Raking in a Lot of Cash Every Week

Reports claim that Nintendo’s take on a social mobile game, Miitomo, is raking in the cash. There are many who would forget about the idea that the popular gaming giant tried to use Mario, Link, or even Donkey Kong in their first smartphone game. Even fans of these characters detested the idea. However, it would seem that Nintendo did something right with their latest mobile experience.

Miitomo – Nintendo’s Mobile Game Said to be Raking in a Lot of Cash Every Week

Miitomo is Reported to Earn a Whopping $280,000 Every Week

When Miitomo was announced, a lot of people immediately knew that it was going to be such a huge hit, but there were only little who could tell that it would be such a massive hit. According to new estimates, the social app from Nintendo is currently reeling in a hefty sum of $280,000 every-single-week.

Even without the use of familiar characters such as Samus Aran from the Metroid Series, or Marth from Fire Emblem, or Kirby, Miitomo (iOS and Android) is still a massive hit within many markets. The initial idea was to bring the game to Nintendo console users, therefore the initial thought about not putting it into the Android and iOS platform can be seen as a bit baffling. Users are glad to know that t Japanese gaming firm has changed its mind and decided to place the social game into the mobile platform.

In a report from SurveyMonkey, it estimates that there are roughly 4-million people who are already using the Nintendo app at least once a month. “That makes the game almost the same size as the country of New Zealand!” SurveyMonkey states.

In the previous week alone, the app already attracted 2.6-million downloads, and two-thirds of those are coming from iOS users. The rest of the ratio comes from those who use Android devices. On average, the game is being downloaded over 370,000 times each day.

Even though the game is free-to-play, users can spend real cash to get additional content, and there are plenty of DLCs to spend your cash on. SurveyMonkey estimates that the Nintendo app is currently making approximately $40,000 every day across both mobile operating systems. This makes a grand total of about $280,000 per week.

But the question here is, will Nintendo’s Miitomo be able to retain that special place in the phones of its users? Or, will the novelty of the social game wear off as fans await the firm’s next iOS or Android app release? There are no answers to these questions yet as we will just have to wait and see.


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