Facebook – Soon to Start Automatically Tagging Friends in Videos

Facebook has a known feature wherein if you upload a photo into the social networking portal, it will automatically look for familiar faces on the photo and automatically tag your friends in said images. This feature will soon be available for videos uploaded to the social media platform.

Facebook – Soon to Start Automatically Tagging Friends in Videos

Facebook Will Soon Start Tagging Your Friends Automatically on Videos

Facebook has made several new announcements in their recently held F8 conference, which include the idea of chatbots being placed in their Messenger app, a 360-degreee camera (dubbed Surround 360), and of course, the automatic tagging of friends when a video is uploaded.

The social media giant emphasized that an artificial intelligence is “central” to the company’s various products. The company’s Joaquin Quinonero Candela from Applied Machine Learning (AML) detailed in a blog post how AI is empowering various user experiences for the social media platform.

For the idea of auto-tagging friends on videos uploaded to Facebook, Candela stated that this idea will be to let users search for people who were featured in a video clip. At the time of writing, the firm has not yet revealed any plans as to when this particular feature will roll-out to the general public. Using the feature, it will not only allow someone who is watching the video to find the person in the clip, but it can also let individuals tap on the tagged names to immediately jump to the duration of the clip where that person can be found.

Candela also highlighted upon other services of the company that focuses on artificial intelligence, which includes real-time video classification. With this, the social media platform will be able to classify videos without the use of surrounding content or tags.

Another feature that was highlighted by Facebook during their F8 conference is the idea of taking pictures. But unlike the norm wherein you just snap a picture and instantly uploaded it to the social media network, do note that the company is currently building systems that can understand images. They call it image segmentation, and it allows the portal to recognize individual objects in the image as well as their relation. “Using image segmentation we will be able to build more immersive experiences for the visually impaired with “talking images” you can read with your fingertips, as well as more powerful ways to search images. In one case here, we have the ability to search for “a photo of us five on skis on the snow, with a lake in the background and trees on both sides,” said Candela.


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