Exploding Kittens Review – A Kitty-Powered Russian Roulette

Exploding Kittens is the digital version of the Kickstarter-darling card game with the same name that has gone to break all kinds of records. It does not aim to be the most complex digital card game, the game’s wittiness translates perfectly to the mobile version and, actually, the digital version succeeds to surpass the physical one because of the funny sound effects that accompany every action. Now with its Multiplayer feature, it has become the game that players will often lash out for a round or two and laugh the entire time while playing it. There may be a few UI slip-ups that make it such a fast-moving game which makes it a little bit harder than it should have been, but regardless of that, the game is a blat, and it can only get better from here.

Exploding Kittens Review - A Kitty-Powered Russian Roulette

Make Sure Not to Blow Yourself Up in Exploding Kittens

The game is about ensuring that the player will not draw an “Exploding Kitten (EK)” card in Exploding Kittens if he is not holding a “Defuse” card. If the player draws and then defuses an EK card, he gets to pick where to put the card back in the deck. Every other card and every other action is designed to help the player lessen the risk of getting an EK card or to moderately “help” the opponents get one themselves. The player can play as many cards as he wants as long as none of the cards will end his turn automatically, and drawing a card means that the players turn ends.

It may sound simple but the game manages to make some very interesting moments wherein the player knows where the Exploding Kitten (EK) card is, and doing his best not to draw it from the deck.  The game’s visuals are its best feature and the sound effects maybe second best in the game, with silliness present at every card play. Each action in the game is complemented by the equivalent silly yet fun sound effects.

While the visuals and sound effects are on the top, as what have been mentioned earlier, the UI has a few matters; it does not really hinder the gameplay but it is rather mostly annoying. In an instance, when the player has more than five cards on his hand, some of them will be hidden outside of the screen and the player will need to scroll to see the other cards. Despite these issues, the rest of the game works well.

It is hard to dislike Exploding Kittens, it is really a great digital version of a pretty good game and this may even surpass the physical one. With such great humor, very appealing art and sound effects, this game is really entertaining and a must try game for everyone who loves extraordinary kinds of card games.


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