Disney Crossy Road Review – If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t FIx it

Disney Crossy Road pretty lives up to its title, but with Disney characters and themes. It would have been easy to just throw Disney characters into the classic Crossy Road level and call it a day, but it’s quite clear that Disney and Hipster Whale would not do that.

They put in over a hundred characters at launch, with themes that changes and at the same time adding tweaks to the gameplay. There are also cool little notes that make it something that every Disney fan needs to play.

Disney Crossy Road Review - If it Ain't Broke, Don't FIx it

Fans of Disney and Pixar Franchises Will Get a Kick Out of Disney Crossy Road

Disney Crossy Road is a fun high score chaser mobile game, its controls works great for casual play, and the gameplay is very easy to learn but is tough to do well. It has an excellent voxel style and the production values are still over the top. The various characters come from a number of classic and modern Disney and Pixar franchises. It has the classics like The Lion King and Toy Story, together with the new franchises like Inside Out and even Zootopia; Big Hero 6 is included as well but that is the extent of the Marvel Franchise. At the meantime, there is no Star Wars but hoping that in the future releases they will be available.

The themes alone are amazing. Every Disney fans will likely recognize the voiceovers and theme music, like the Lion King level has a chiptune version of “I Just Can’t Wait to be King”. Each theme also has some gameplay tricks; for example, in the Wreck-It-Ralph Sugar Rush level, it has candies that serve as multipliers to help the player get even higher scores. Some of the themes might throw a twist into the game. Every theme varies things more than just a new coat of paint, but also increases the replay value because of the much iteration in the game.

The only downside of some unique level designs in Crossy Road is that it makes it harder to see the hindrances.  Some of the more expanded levels are tricky, like the Haunted Mansion level, and each level has its own high score leaderboard.

The monetization is similar to its originator Crossy Road; the player can earn coins through spinning the character machine, or can be bought out right. Things vary because the characters have different rarities, and different prices: $0.99, $1.99, $2.99. In general, the more the character is incomprehensible the more it is expensive.

All Disney fans will surely love Disney Crossy Road. There is so much fun to be experience from the various references, and the twists to the formula that each theme had brings excitement to every player. It delivers exactly what it says on the tin, and that is really awesome.


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