Driveclub Bikes Review – One of PS4’s Best Car Games, Now With Bikes

If you’re a fan of the original Driveclub game, then you can get Driveclub Bikes as a DLC, or you can even get it in its comparatively diminutive standalone state which is the original videogame but with bikes. It still has the same tracks, same amazing graphics, same gameplay structure, but now adds a noteworthy feature to fix one of modern bike games’ largest problem – frustration.

Driveclub Bikes Review - One of PS4's Best Car Games, Now With Bikes

Driveclub Bikes is Essentially the Original Game, Plus Bikes

Driveclub Bikes takes all the worry of smashing your controller out of frustration which can be felt with other bike games in today’s videogame industry. Even though we are living in a modern world wherein realism in king, even when speaking of the digital realm, the game promotes a better bike riding experience which will let players to breathe smoothly instead of holding their breath in all the time.

Even though it is still possible to crash in Driveclub (with Bikes), however, you might have to directly smash yourself into a wall at great speeds, or at an obtuse angle, before this will actually happen. But if you’re on the track and driving around smoothly, then you will reach the finish line without so much as a scratch.

Driving the bikes within the game feel just as fast as driving the offered four-wheeled vehicles. This is especially true if you opt to change your point of view via the game’s helmet cam. For other players in the room where you’re playing might begin to spout worried noises as you evade through narrow lanes whilst in the middle of a nasty thunderstorm.

There is a gimmicky behavior of the bike’s front end couples when you make those distinct corners that makes first-person view all the more difficult. For those who are not accustomed to this point of view can still get plenty of action by switching the in-game camera’s preferences. You can also change the point of view when replaying your races so that you can just sit back and relax as you see the incredible job that Evolution has done with the game’s graphics.

There is a realistic physics engine when choosing a motorcycle as your main vehicle for the game. The bike’s rear wheel will squirm when around under acceleration. There is plenty of excitement to go around even this is just Driveclub with motorcycles.

Despite being a smaller game than the original, Driveclub Bikes is still serious fun. There is surprisingly a good amount of features that are coupled with a sophisticated bike handling experience that is even comparable to that of the main game. In short, it is still a great game despite lacking a whole lot of depth.


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