Crimsonland Review – Satiate Your Inner Bloodlust

Believe it or not, the original PC version of Crimsonland was released 12 years ago. There is a basic premise behind the game in which it involves you starting in the middle of a barren map while there is an increasing number of aliens, spiders, lizards, and zombies coming at you in every direction to murder you. The answer to this problem? Kill everything in sight.

Crimsonland Review - Satiate Your Inner Bloodlust

Satisfy Your Cravings for Virtual Bloodfests With Crimsonland

There are basic controls for Crimsonland in which it only involves shoot, evade, and shoot even more. Oh, and stay alive as well. This simplicity comes as both a blessing and a curse for this game. The original way for the controls to work in the game was with the use of a keyboard and a mouse. Now, the controls have transitioned to the PS Vita, PS4, and even your iPhone.

The game is as simple as it gets and that simplicity will often bite the Crimsonland videogame in its rear end. It really is as simple as it can get and there is no way to overemphasize that. This means that after the constant repetition of shoot, evade, and shoot some more, you will be left with nothing but blood-drenched company. This is issue is far made worse when there is an array of ugly visuals that do not scream “modern times.”

When you look at the original game, you would forgive it for having such graphics since gaming technology was at “that” level during that time. However, the remasetered version does not have anything new to offer either. There are ugly textures and there are loads of browns than a fresh batch of brownies exploding inside an oven.

However, you won’t play this game for the graphics as you would rather play it for the bloodshed that will be produced with whatever is left of your excitement after a few hours of playing. To add up to that “excitement,” there is now a new campaign mode called Quest in which there will be some very slight bonus for longevity. The game has no story to offer, and once again, it is as simple as killing and blowing stuff up.

If you’re bored with your current line of games and want to try something new for a change, even for a few hours, then try Crimsonland. Just don’t expect to marvel at its graphics and playability as this game is as straightforward as it gets.


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