Dirt Rally Review – Taking the Hard Road

You might approach Dirt Rally as another racing game title. There is the usual fighting for control, a strong competitive presence, and speed – lots and lots of speed. But rally racing is of a different breed than others. It has the focus of regular racing and the primary goal is still to get to the finish line with either the best time or when you finish first than the rest of the competition found in the same race. In this game, you get to experience something new than your usual races through the city streets or within a racing dome within the city. Here, you will race on dirt, lots and lots of dirt.

Dirt Rally Review - Taking the Hard Road

Dirt Rally Gives You Something New With Your Racing Fantasies

So what makes Dirt Rally so exhilarating? Well, this is not just about a game wherein you race through a dirt-ridden track as you slide around hairpin turns. It has superior car handling physics that communicates challenge with the vibrancy created to get a more unparalleled experience unlike other racing titles. This game does not simply translate velocity, weight transfer, physics, traction, and other intangibles into a video game package. Instead, it gets all these elements in every second that you’re on the course. Hence, it delivers a flurry of every-changing demands that are thrown your way at each time to give you that sense of feel that you’re actually driving the car on your screen, albeit perhaps with a game controller or with a keyboard.

In Dirt Rally (PC), you get a little air coming over the crest of a hill. This is not something to jump for joy about, being that said crest is at a slight angle and you have to act quick to prepare for said corner before you go airborne and off-track. And once you do successfully land that curve, there is another one upcoming on your screen in which you have to gear up rather than take a back seat for the time being. Otherwise, you will see your vehicle doing turns in ways that you won’t like.

You will also have a co-driver which is good at calling out what lies ahead. This comes especially handy if you’re driving in first-person-view mode. Do not ignore any of their instructions as it may very well save your life (so to speak). However, you are not obliged to follow all of their commands as there is still a bit of freedom to let you get to the other side of the corner in your fashion, provided that you do make it successfully.

Dirt Rally can be quite the unforgiving racing game that you’re not expecting. It can leave you breathless with each course you’ve run as it gives you high demands every-single-time. However, each of those journeys is sublime and well-worth experiencing.


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