Wolfenstein: The New Order Review – An Old School Shooter With a Hint of Modern Offerings

In Wolfenstein: The New Order, you play as Will “B.J.” Blazkowicz and are humanity’s last hope against the Nazi War, or rather their War Machine. In the game’s unique timeline, the Nazi has won the 2nd World War thanks to their surprising advanced technology. If you’re thinking about them having fully-automatic rifles or tech-propelled rocket launchers, then that’s only half the story. They have robot dogs and mechs that are able to shoot laser cannons. Hence, they have forced the world to surrender into their might. This game succeeds in depicting a world that is consumed by fear, which is enough reason for the main protagonist to join a bunch of resistance fighters to mount an all-out counter offensive.

Wolfenstein: The New Order Review - An Old School Shooter With a Hint of Modern Offerings

With Wolfenstein: The New Order, You Get a Satisfyingly Excellent Gunplay

At its core, Wolfenstein: The New Order is a shooter the likes of the Call of Duty franchise or even Halo. But the scenario is based on a parallel Earth wherein the Nazis have won World War 2 (and with brilliantly advanced tech). For the most part, you will be running and gunning, then running, then gunning down some more Nazis and their robot… things to the ground. You will make enemies explode with visually appealing gore. Heads will disintegrate, limbs will vaporize, and blood sprays in fountains as you blow them from their insides. To make it clear, this is perhaps a game that can satisfy a psychopath. But most gamers aren’t like this, but they do enjoy a bit of blood and gore in their PS4 and/or Xbox One games from time to time.

B.J., the main character, has a diverse array of arsenal, and all of them are fun to play around with, err… shoot with. Even though you are able to access just about every gun in the game once you get past the halfway point, there are gradual upgrades to get for your weaponry such as scopes and rocket launcher attachments. These are brought about, and teased, at a gradual pace so you won’t get bored with your itchy trigger finger anytime soon.

Furthermore, you can dual-wield just about any weapon in the game as well. However, this comes with a tradeoff. It is very satisfying to blast a Nazi robot to smithereens with dual auto shotguns, but it also means you will reduce your precious ammo twice as fast as well. Also, you will have to deal with twice the recoil than what you have to encounter with one gun.

Make no mistake, Wolfenstein: The New Order is an over-the-top shooter with loads of fun, action, and gore. There are memorable pieces within the story with decent characters. This successfully places an old-school game into the modern era.


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