Destiny – Here’s What to Expect in the April Update for PlayStation Users

Destiny is reported to have a second installment that will be released next year, but before that, there is a much awaited April update for the original game, and it’s almost here. Dee J, Community Manager, has recently revealed about the content that’s upcoming exclusively for the PlayStation 4 console. Within the community manager’s note, he mentions that The Reef was going to be “the center of action” in the upcoming patch. This hints that the forthcoming events will be centered around the activities within The Reef. Such events include The Prison of Elder, and the Vestian Outpost.

Destiny - Here's What to Expect in the April Update for PlayStation Users

PlayStation 4 Users, Here’s What to Expect for the April Update for Destiny

The update will bring lots of goodies to Destiny, including new and exciting content, more events and activities, rewards, equipment, and also a higher level cap across all consoles. The exclusive content for Sony’s PlayStation 4 is bound to get owners of this home gaming console pretty excited about the upcoming patch.

To start, there’s the much awaited weapon, which is the Zen Meteor. It is an Exotic Sniper Rifle and is part of the list of exclusive items for PS4 users. Furthermore, there’s also an exotic armor for each of the three classes, a new quest, and a brand new Sparrow.

Speaking of the new armor, there are three new armor sets available. Each one of those looks incredibly amazing, regardless of what class you wear them with. These new armor pieces can be acquired by decrypting Sublime Engrams. For the Titan Armor, it is called Jovian Guard, and it makes the Guardian look more like a noble warrior but still maintains a fierce and menacing look. For the Warlock Armor, it is named Barkhan Dune I. For the Hunter Armor, it is called Long Tomorrow 9G. All of these armor pieces are unique; however, they will follow the same color scheme of orange-yellow, white, and a beautiful shade of teal blue.

There is also a new Sparrow which is also an exclusive item for PlayStation users, and it is called Velumbra. Its color scheme is similar to that of the upcoming armor. To get this sweet ride, Guardians would need to complete the mission called “Fight Fire with Fire.”

The last bit of exclusive item, or rather a new mission, for the April update for Destiny is called Essence of Darkness. With all these new content, albeit exclusive, it shows how Bungie loves to bring content towards the original title, even though it is reported that they are already hard at work for Destiny’s next installment.


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