Super Mario Maker – Nintendo Explains Why Levels are Being Deleted Without Notice

Super Mario Maker can be deemed as no less than a bona-fide hit for Nintendo. In the game, players would be able to get extra creative as they make their own Super Mario levels. Then, once they’re done with their own levels, they can upload them online and let others take a whack at them. Unfortunately, ever since the game has been released back in fall of last year, Nintendo has been keeping a very close eye on the levels that are being made. In fact, they are even seen to delete player-created levels from the online hub. What’s worse is that they offer no explanations or detailed criteria as to why they were unacceptable in the first place. In a recent statement by the popular gaming company, they have finally tried to address players’ frustrations as they have just posted course guidelines on a new support page.

Super Mario Maker - Nintendo Explains Why Levels are Being Deleted Without Notice

Super Mario Maker Has New Course Guidelines For Players’ Stages to Avoid Deletion

In the new Super Mario Maker support page, it highlights four reasons why players’ levels are sometimes taken down from the Course World, which is the online hub where they can be browsed by other gamers.

The first item on the list states that if the level levels can be deleted due to low stars/plays. Players can rate stages made from other users with stars to those who download the levels and try them out. Even though the actual number of times a particular level has been played could not be seen directly within Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker, said number is stored within the company’s server. The firm states that if the numbers are too low over a fixed period of time, the levels will automatically be deleted.

The next item on the list is pretty obvious as it tackles on the notion of bugs. Since Nintendo cannot allow levels with known bugs to remain on the server (as it can cause numerous other problems), even if they are unintended by the creator of the level, they will be deleted.

Another way to get your stage deleted off of the game is by requesting stars from other users. There are courses that are “artistically” made to request stars from other users. No one would want to play a game just to assist strangers in improving their rating. Players who use course names such as “Like,” “Yeah!,” and/or the star symbol should be changed before uploading lest they risk being automatically deleted.

Lastly, Super Mario Maker also deletes levels with inappropriate content. This too is fairly obvious; if players will insert inappropriate messages, such as offensive languages or phrases, within the levels or even the course name, then it will promptly be deleted.




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