NES – Golden Clone is the Most Luxurious Way to Play The Legend of Zelda

The classic NES console will always hold a special place in the hearts of gamers, especially those who have lived in its hay-days. It was first revealed back in 2014 that the Analogue Nt still remains one of the best ways to play classic Nintendo games (that is, if you still have the cartridges). To celebrate the 30th anniversary of one of the most iconic titles of all time, The Legend of Zelda, there is now a gold-plated Analogue Nt to bring supreme luxury in celebrating 30-years of adventuring.

NES - Golden Clone is the Most Luxurious Way to Play The Legend of Zelda

A New Golden Analogue Nt Will Bring Much Class to Your NES Games

If you have the golden NES cartridge of The Legend of Zelda (which is one of the longest lasting promotional gimmicks every devised by Nintendo), then you can increase your “bling” profile should you have the money to spend on the golden Analogie Nt. The Legend of Zelda games were known to be made into gold (albeit the carts are still plastic) and perhaps the main reason why they are valued so much is because of their limited availability.

With the new version of this particular NES clone, the classic home gaming console is plated in genuine 24-carat hand-polished gold. This is unlike the cartridges that only look gold but are still made out of plastic. Furthermore, this golden console is only limited to just ten units. Hence, if you’re unable to get one of these and it suddenly goes out of stock, you might be spending even more if you’re that much of a hardcore fan for the good-old days of gaming.

Purchasing the golden console will immediately come with an original gold cartridge of The Legend of Zelda. But unlike its predecessors, this latest (and priciest) version of the Analogue Nt can also be used to play other class Famicom and NES titles that you might still have inside your home, hidden away in an old shoebox somewhere. If you still have those, then it’s time to dust them off.

To further liven up the deal should you want to purchase this Golden NES, this 24K gold version of the Analogue Nt will feature a transparent baseplate. This will be available for all the ten units that are being offered. Therefore, you can take a sneak peek at the electronics powering your games, or while you’re trying to rescue Princess Zelda and save Hyrule. But do be warned, this new Analogue Nt is 10-times the price of its predecessor.


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