Crash Bandicoot – Gaming Moments That Only Players Who Have Tried Out the PlayStation Classic Would Understand

Crash Bandicoot was hailed as one of the best platformers of all time. Not just by its take on even more classic cues that would perhaps be the first time to be brought into the 3D realm (albeit there was a minimal use of polygons back then), but because the lead character is very easy to love. Its games in particular are placed into a gaming pedestal, and for a very good reason. However, even though the character was easy to love, the games can be relentlessly unforgiving at times. This would turn just about any normally docile human gamer to be either reduced to quivering in a corner for the sheer difficulty of some levels or completely rage over the fact that they can’t seem to make that jump to the next platform.

Crash Bandicoot - Gaming Moments That Only Players Who Have Tried Out the PlayStation Classic Would Understand

Moments in Crash Bandicoot That Would Bring Out the “Animal” in Gamers

Crash Bandicoot did borrow some cues from some of the great platformers such as Super Mario Bros. and brought them to the 3D world. It was one of the first platformers for the PlayStation console that had a 3D landscape instead of opting for the left-and-right scheme of the 2D realm. 2D or 3D, it did pose a good level of difficulty, and there are even some stages that can make gamers throw their controllers (or even their consoles) halfway across the room.

To start, there’s the instance of falling down a hole when you’re sure you’ve made the platform or area across the level. It seems that it suddenly became transparent then suddenly decided to play a trick on you. However, and most of the time, it isn’t a case of a disappearing floor but the case of a mistimed jump or a bad angle for when you lifted Crash off from the previous platform (or both).

There are also times when you take the Bandicoot for a spin (literally, because that’s what he does) and hit a TNT box by mistake. Luckily, most of these TNT boxes would explode after a few seconds. Not so lucky of you if you thought that the explosion won’t reach you but it did.

Then came the ice levels, and just about everybody who played these games dreaded these stages in Crash Bandicoot. This is because he doesn’t have decent skates or spiked shoes to help him traverse the icy floors. Therefore, you’re going to get a lot of slipping and sliding, and sometimes you would even bump into those TNT boxes. If you did, then it’s back to the checkpoint, or even at the start of the level.


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