Crash Bandicoot – How the Lovable PlayStation Character Would Fit Right Into Today’s Gaming Industry

For those who were able to grab a title of Crash Bandicoot back when the first PlayStation console was still all the rage for many gamers, many know him as a lovable and comedic mascot. While there were quite the number of sequels and spin-offs (which even included a racing game) for the running, jumping, and spinning animal (no this isn’t Sonic the Hedgehog we’re talking about here), there are a lot of video gamers that would want him to make a daring comeback after an 8-year long hiatus.

Crash Bandicoot - How the Lovable PlayStation Character Would Fit Right Into Today's Gaming Industry

Crash Bandicoot Was First Released for the PlayStation Back in 1999

Crash Bandicoot was created by Naughty Dog (in which the developer is now known for creating games such as The Last of Us and Uncharted), the first three games that featured the lovable mascot were pure platforming ingenuity and pleasure. Even though it was not quite groundbreaking as it did borrow some cues from the likes of Mario, the games that featured the animal were indeed some of the most memorable for many gamers, especially those who started their gaming lifestyle back in the late nineties.

After the three games of Crash Bandicoot, then came the spin-offs. To start, there was Crash Team Racing, which was a kart-racer which, of course, featured the characters found in the original platformer. There was even some point that it was arguably better than the Mario Kart titles during that time. However, Crash Team Racing marked the end of Naughty Dog’s Involvement with the series. The primary reason is that the rights have been juggled around amongst different developers and publishers since then.

Universal Studios, Vivdeni, Traveller’s Tales, Radical Entertainment, Activision, Sierra, and even Konami have had their hand in creating the Crash games back in its heyday. During that time, Activision was still holding the rights. Jump to 8 years later and it may now be a legal battle as to who would continue the series.

Now, gamers are now looking to bring back Crash Bandicoot and the gang. However, we still need to keep in mind that we would not be let down if he ever makes a return to current or next-generation consoles. Today’s games are a lot about guns and killing off space aliens, and perhaps the current top-ranking platformer is Super Mario Maker. If the lovable Bandicoot would ever make a return, it will shed some light to current generation gamers as to why the animal is so easy to love.


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