Mayan City – Lost Civilization Allegedly Found by Canadian Teen. Mexican Experts Doubtful of Discovery.

Recently, a 15-year-old Canadian teen and history enthusiast claims that he has found a lost Mayan City with the use of Google Earth. However, Mexican experts state that people who would read or take into thought about the boy’s discovery to urge caution and are even casting doubts on the alleged finding.

Mayan City - Lost Civilization Allegedly Found by Canadian Teen. Mexican Experts Doubtful of Discovery.

Mexican Experts Doubt Recent Discovery of Mayan City by 15-Year-Old Canadian Teen

What started as a hypothesis has led young William Gadoury to reportedly discover a lost Mayan City. He was working on said theory that the Mayan people in the Yucatan peninsula had built their civilization that mirror the star constellations found on heavenly bodies. With the use of satellite images that have been supplied by the Canada Space Agency, he then realized that there is a three-star constellation which is related only to two cities. The Canadian resident then investigated if the third star could also be a match. This is when Gadoury went into Google Earth for consultation and made the astonishing discovery. The alleged lost city appears to be human-built structures that are now overgrown by plant life.

After the reported discovery of the Mayan City, news traveled quickly around the globe right after the Canadian media broke the information a few days ago. However, the recent finding is not one without skepticism as the Mexico City-based National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) is stating that it cannot confirm the existence of the city or the information thereof with regards to Gadoury’s finding which was posted by the Le Journal de Montreal on the 7th of May.

Mayan experts are now crying doubt with regards to the boy’s discovery as they say that his hypothesis is off. Furthermore, no one knows for sure if it is a city; and if it is, no one knows if it was built and habited by Mayans.

An INAH official made a statement to Verne, a Spanish publication from El País newspaper, stated that theory with regards to a Mayan City, or rather cities being built based on stars and constellation has already been discarded by its anthropologists. What’s more is that are other experts that agree to this. Professor and researcher from the Department of Anthropology at the Autonomous University of Yucatan had the following to say: “The Maya did not design their cities nor their landscapes based on the stars. They did so based on mundane factors such as water sources, availability to raw materials and access to cultivable soil. What were they going to live on, star-gazing?”


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