Sonic: Lost World Review – Tired of Running Yet?

Just like about every other Sonic game out there, in Sonic: Lost World, you run, and jump, then run some more. Therefore, we can say this at the very start – sorry Sonic, but your time may have already passed its prime years ago. Sonic’s gameplay may be grand during its first few games, but then it got so repetitive that the only alterations was perhaps new characters and better graphics. Anything else is just the same as with the first one, and by that it means more running at insane speeds.

Sonic: Lost World Review - Tired of Running Yet?

There is Almost Nothing New in Sonic: Lost World

Still, there are a few points to note in Sonic: Lost World. For instance, it is a bright and vibrant game. The maps vary enough to keep fans of this blue fast-paced hedgehog happy. The game also has a very short character roster. Tails is still there, of course, as he is Sonic’s most loyal best friend. However, Amy and Knuckles only have relatively little screen time. Instead, the game has the Deadly Six, which is less characters than colors in terms of personality.

The game originally came from the Wii U and has now been ported into the PC. However, it probably should have stayed there. Still, on a moderate gaming rig, it can run at 60 fps, which should be since your computer needs to catch up with the blue hedgehog.

Still, not everything that is about its graphics are visually appealing. In Sonic: Lost World (PC), aliasing results in cutscenes to become more jagged than an off-road driving course. Each level will also be comprised of multiple tubes and other obstacles in which Sonic has to jump across to reach the goal at the end. In other times, players have to weirdly navigate through a rotating 2D plane that will feature some elements seen in Sonic’s heyday.

There is also an addition of a double jump for Sonic to make up for his lack of aerial nimbleness. There is also a lock-on attack so you don’t have to jump around and miss a lot when it comes to attacking enemies. However, these do very little, if not do anything at all to increase excitement.

The moment that Sonic: Lost World had asked for anything related to finesse, then the game immediately falls apart. Even though there are slight graphical improvements, nothing is terribly new. Gameplay remains the same as with recent Sonic games, which may let us tell the fast blue hedgehog that maybe it is time to hang up the red and white striped running shoes for good.


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