Broforce Review – The Run and Gun Platformer With a Homage to Gritty Action Movies

Playing Broforce is as simple as start mission, kill all the bad guys, rescue all the good guys, kill the final bad guy, then ride the helicopter off into the sunset. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. In fact, the gameplay, and even the graphics, are very reminiscent to that of what Contra had to offer back in the NES days. Now if only there was some way to activate the code for those extra 30 lives.

Broforce Review - The Run and Gun Platformer With a Homage to Gritty Action Movies

Broforce Pays Homage to Generic Action Movies and Does it Good

Broforce is every bit the action movie archetype packed in a game with endless campaigns. There is a level editor and even custom playlists can be inputted into levels to back up the sizeable main game. This is what everything about the design of the game is about. It gets just about everything from generic action movies and uses that familiarity to build a ready take on the already accepted run ‘n’ gun genre of videogames. All (yes, everything) is pixels. Furthermore, for those who are into 8-bit sounds, this is the game to give you that long awaited nostalgia trip.

Players can select a playable “bro.” in the lineup of characters. Each of the “bros” are a lineup of famous action stars disguised as other names that have increased muscle mass. The names of these stars are added with “bro” into them. Without further ado, examples of the characters are John Rambro, Broheart, and Mr. Andebro.

Each one of the game’s characters is pacey, is able to climb any surface, and will all come with a specialized primary, secondary, and melee weapon set. Each character can play differently, and the brilliance here is that if you know your action characters well, then you will know how the “parodied” characters can fight even before you’ve used them.

But do not mistake this game as something that you can easily pick up right off the bat. Yes, it is a simple run ‘n’ gun platformer, but the levels are designed to give adequate difficulty that you might even reach for your controller and/or keyboard and throw it across the room out of frustration. However, for those who are not willing to go rage-quit all over their rooms, they will be happily know that there is a unique feature thrown into the game. This feature is that when you lose a life, you will be given a random “bro” with a unique set of weapons and abilities. Hence, it defeats the monotonous aspect of some games within the same category.

Everything about Broforce gives action movie fun. You might even find yourself screaming “Get to the Choppa” right as the level ends.


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