Life is Strange Review – A Unique Take on Story-Heavy Games With Loads of “Feels”

If you’re looking for a game that gives you something different, a videogame without the laser swords, or beam guns, or all the violent action, then perhaps you should take a look into Life is Strange. This game looks simple, but far from it. It is an episodic adventure in a Telltale style. There is an emphasis on choice and consequence. The story will progress differently based on the players decisions. This game is not about puzzles, nor guns, nor is it about inventory management. In the simplest of terms, this is a game of choice.

Life is Strange Review - A Unique Take on Story-Heavy Games With Loads of "Feels"

Life is Strange is a Telltale Adventure with Elements of Time Travel

In Life is Strange, you play as Max Caulfield – a photography student who has just returned to her hometown of Arcadia Bay. Her purpose – to attend the prestigious Blackwell Academy. Max’s personality is shy, and she loves retro cameras and taking selfies. Oh, and she has the power to rewind time as well.

That power, however, will be learned in the later episodes of the game. Chloe, a punkish, blue-haired Blackwell dropout, used to be best friends with Max. Her best friend fell out touch. After the incident (more on that when you start the game), the two friends reconnect. Chloe then enlists Max in helping her search for her other friend named Rachel who just recently went missing.

As you navigate as Max, you make through with life at Blackwell. Sounds pretty boring, right? But it’s not so much as “boring” as you keep on wondering what’s going to happen next. Despite the game having a slower pace unlike the likes of Halo or even the Final Fantasy series, there is an “edge of your seat” element since your decisions will tell the fate of the story. This brings us to each episode having multiple possible endings. If you’re a completionist, then you will find yourself playing each episode again and again just to know what the story will uncover if you change a certain decision.

The Life is Strange game is part detective mystery, part character drama, and a teensy bit sci-fi adventure. The videogame is a unique blend of the three, but there are times when that mixture seems to fall out of balance. For example, there is one episode wherein Max will try to search a character’s room for clues even while said character is still in the room. This feels weird especially when you are in detective mode.

Life is Strange looks and feel beautiful, and can sometimes be downright touching. It gives you a break from all the action-packed that you may have been playing. However, gamers may feel that there are some elements to the game that makes it a bit messy at times.


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