BMW Attacks Tesla With “Funny” Ads


BMW isn’t holding back in attacking Tesla.

Tesla already has its plate full with issues regarding the company’s production schedule. But new advertisements put out by BMW show that Tesla rivals won’t be cutting it any slack no matter how bad the situation gets.

BMW has launched a unique and kind of interesting ad campaign for its latest cars to lure people away from Tesla Model 3 car. The new advertisements for BMW’s 3-Series Plug-in Hybrid (officially called the 330e) have been specifically designed to target buyers who may already have ordered a Tesla Model 3 car.

The only complication is that these advertisements are ridiculous, to say the least. Just take a look at these two ads to get an idea how desperate BMW has become to stop Tesla’s march towards electric car market domination.

Both commercials, if you hadn’t guessed it already, are for the BMW 330e car which has been advertised as a plug-in hybrid car that pairs a 2.0 turbo 4-cylinder engine with a 7.6kwh battery pack.

As a result of this combination, the BMW 330e can deliver a combined horsepower of 248. Not only that, but the new BMW 330e plug-in model car can also produce a torque of 310 lb-ft. And reportedly the new model from BMW can go 72 MPGe (miles per gallon, of gasoline, equivalent) which is a pretty amazing number.

These figures are precisely the reason why most industry insiders consider the BMW 330e to be the answer, albeit an expensive one, to Tesla Model 3 electric car.

But coming back to the hilarious BMW ads that explicitly target Tesla for its poor production management capability; the advertisement is cleverly titled “Waiting” and to be fair to the customers who have paid for a Tesla Model 3 car, “waiting” is exactly the thing they are doing right now.

The advertisement goes on to show everything that would happen to owners BMW’s plug-in hybrid 330e model while the Tesla Model 3 future owners wait for their new electric car model from “that” electric car company.

The add further adds that while their BMW 330e owners are driving around the neighborhood and getting some work done, Tesla Model 3 potential owners will have to do their taxes several times a year and might even spend New Year’s celebrations without their electric car.

And after a bit more waiting, Tesla Model 3 future owners will still be waiting while BMW 330e car owners enjoy the hybrid car that everyone deserves.

The first commercial is objectionable because of the fact that one could easily buy a BMW 330e car from the market. The only problem with that would be that BMW 330e isn’t really an electric car.

In fact, it isn’t an electric car period. BMW 330e is a plug-in hybrid car that uses both a traditional engine along with an electric engine.

Then the commercial continues to say that the BMW 330e is the car that “you have been waiting for, without the wait.”

But is that really true?


BMW and Tesla are both rivals. But BMW’s attack ads aren’t well targeted.

How many would really want to wait for a BMW 330e hybrid car? Not many I guess. However, there are a lot of people who are indeed waiting for Tesla’s 200-mile range electric car.

Not only that, future Tesla Model 3 owners are probably looking forward to using indicators that can instruct the Tesla Model 3 car to adjust lanes semi-autonomously if they want to.

But that’s not all. If you observe the second advertisement a bit more carefully you’ll see that it is a basic alteration of the first one.

This commercial too tells prospective buyers that you can either wait for your car or actually drive your car.

In the ensuing 30 odd seconds, the advertisement further expounds on how Tesla Model 3 car requires a reservation and that Tesla also demands a massive deposit before it even gives you the car for use.

The commercial talks a bit more about lists (and waiting periods) and then finally finishes off with the driver walking down a parking lot having a glance at a Tesla looking car charging station before getting into a BMW 330e performance plug-in hybrid car and driving away.

But given what Tesla has been able to achieve as a company that manufactures its own electric vehicles, both ads are unfair and a little bit dishonest to say the least.

The confusing part is, why would BMW go to such lengths (like spending money on an advertisement that targeted Tesla) to malign a car manufacturer that isn’t even in the same league.

Apparently, no names were taken in the two commercials, but it is terribly clear that the ads were trying to laugh off at customers who had paid in advance for Tesla Model 3 electric car.

Perhaps BMW should remember that Tesla has enough credibility that it managed to gather around 100,000 money deposits for its Model 3 car without even revealing it to the paying customers.

Not only that, but Tesla also managed to expand those deposit numbers to around 370,000 within one week of announcing their Tesla Model 3 car.

And guess what? Tesla didn’t even have to produce a costly ad campaign to attract more than a quarter million people who paid $1000 to reserve their Tesla Model S car. Tesla achieved that without attacking any of its rival car manufacturers.

Perhaps, the best part was that Tesla didn’t even show its car before people drove in numbers for a deposit.

The fact is, every person who paid the deposit for Tesla Model 3 car new what was in store for the future. American’s are generally not patient people so maybe BMW thought that it could leverage that lack of patience to gain the upper hand over potential Tesla customers.


BMW cars aren’t bad. They are just not as unique as Tesla’s.

Simply put, BMW’s approach is erroneous. If a person has the ability to cough up a $1000 for a car that has not even been shown to the public then for sure that person can wait a bit longer to get the car.

In truth, people who have paid in advance for Tesla Model 3 car are likely to be among those individuals who don’t want to drive a car that looks like every other 3-series car in the neighborhood.

Tesla consumers want others to know that they have bought a car that is distinct and unique and a result, they are different and unique.

Let’s not pretend that Tesla doesn’t have its share of style and feature gimmicks in Tesla electric cars. Features like AutoPilot and Ludicrous Mode don’t really have functionality. These features are present only so that people can look forward to trying out something fun.

And people adore Tesla for the way they have moved their electric cars forward.

With that said, BMW 330e isn’t exactly the worst car you will ever drive either. So it is surprising to see BMW running these anti-Tesla ad campaigns when Tesla hasn’t even budged from its schedule.

Tesla’s track record in following a program is terrible, to say the least. So the best move, on the part of BMW, was to wait if Tesla does indeed delay Tesla Model 3 electric car’s release date and then release these attack ads against Tesla.

By running these ads now, BMW has given the clearest indication yet that Tesla has indeed managed to intimidate the giant car company that is BMW.

Would these ad campaigns hurt Tesla’s sale numbers when Model 3 eventually comes out?

It is highly unlikely since over 370,000 people paid for it in advance without even looking at the car first.


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