Nintendo 3DS – American Owners are About to Get a Taste of Cool JRPGs

There are many Japanese RPGs that don’t really hit the American market, especially for the Nintendo 3DS, and one of the primary reasons is because they do not have English text translations. However, during a recently held Nintendo Direct, there are some news that will surely excite fans who are waiting to get some Japanese titles into their handheld consoles.

Nintendo 3DS - American Owners are About to Get a Taste of Cool JRPGs

Nintendo 3DS Will Soon Have Some More JRPG Titles in the List

First in the list for the upcoming Japanese RPG titles to grace the Nintendo 3DS is music-RPG fusion from Atlus entitled Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. If reading the title of the game got you a bit confused, yes, that “hashtag” is part of the title. Therefore, you’re going to read it as Tokyo Mirage Sessions “Sharp” FE (as stated in the direct stream). Anyways, beyond that title is a fusion between music and RPG. The game promises a bunch of tracks sung by idols but there is also a unique battle system in play.

Next up on the list is Square Enix’s sequel to the Bravely Default title, Bravely Second: End Layer. This game will be released for Nintendo’s handheld console on the 15th of April of this year. Furthermore, there is also a free demo that will be available for download on the 10th of March.

Next up on the list for the upcoming JRPGs for the 3DS is the 7th installment to the Dragon Quest franchise, Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past. This game is making its way to the US later this year.

Last on this list is the highly awaited Monster Hunter X (Cross) which Japanese gamers have already taken much advantage of the new things on offer from said handheld videogame. Going to be released for the US, it will also change its name to Monster Hunter Generations, and it will be released sometime this summer.

All of the aforementioned games for the Nintendo 3DS have already been available in Japan for quite some time now. Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Bravely Second, and Monster Hunter Generations were all released in the Japanese market for the past year. Dragon Quest VII, on the other hand, is already available since 2013. While it is unlikely that any of these will hit raving reviews in American charts, but those who are avid fans of JRPGs will certainly get a total kick out of these titles. As a single entity, each of these games will be faced with much competition, but as an impressive group, they are already well ahead of their competitors, especially when it comes to JRPG availability for the US.


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