BenQ HT4050 Review – Cinematic Quality Images for Everyone

The BenQ HT4050 boasts some pretty impressive image output. It even comes close to becoming a personal theater experience, if it hasn’t already. Still, this beamer is far from perfect. There are no built-in wireless connectivity (of any sort) and there are no automatic focusing functions in the device. Hence, you will always have to manually adjust your footage every time. However, these are pretty small flaws for what is otherwise a truly amazing beamer.

BenQ HT4050 Review - Cinematic Quality Images for Everyone

The BenQ HT4050 Produces Fantastic Images but has no Autofocus

With high-end images, you would expect that the BenQ HT4050 would have a premium price tag, and it does. However, it also packs premium features that would strike anyone’s fancy to bring this device home for their home entertainment system. Other than being great for leisure purposes, it can also be used for business purposes as well.

The BenQ HT4050 projector has accurate color reproduction, a flurry of inputs and controls, and a surprisingly robust sound through its built-in speaker, makes looking at the hefty price tag a justifiable onset.

For comparison’s sake, the HT4050 has practically the same specs as those more expensive models found in the market such as the Sony VPL-HW55ES or the ViewSonic Pro 8600, and even the Epson EX7235 Pro. Based on image purity alone, this particular contender from BenQ can be a better option as compared to Sony’s offering.

For the exteriors of the HT4050 projector, it features a shell that is mostly comprised of a white glossy plastic. There is a matte grey wrapping around the top, back, and front of its sides. Overall, the entire color scheme is very unassuming, in fact, some may even say it looks dull and ordinary. But this particular beamer is not just about its looks but the performance it brings when it comes to displaying images.

At the top, you can find a compact grid of multiple buttons. These are used to control the projector which will include the navigation buttons for the menu, the power button, and a display source selector. There are also a set of dials that will allow you to shift the lens slightly for both horizontal and vertical directions. At its exterior, there will be the familiar BenQ logo.

Even though there is no built-in wireless connectivity, or an autofocus function, the BenQ HT4050 can still outperform many other similar devices through the quality of the images being displayed. There are also a lot of inputs and controls to fine-tune images to the user’s liking.


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