BenQ GL2450 Review – Basic is its Best Description

If someone were to ask you what the BenQ GL2450 can offer, then your answer would probably be “basic.” This is a 24-inch monitor that is placed at the low-end of the market. However, don’t let its meager price fool you. For what it can do, it can do well. It is a very decent screen for your computer for its price. Still, with its price tag, you would immediately expect there’s some corner cutting here and there.

BenQ GL2450 Review - Basic is its Best Description

The BenQ GL2450 Performs Well for a Basic Monitor

Perhaps the most obvious sign of its “basicness” is that the BenQ GL2450 lacks any HDMI port. BenQ has opted for the more traditional VGA and DVI ports. However, the lack of an HDMI port is not really an issue as you can always purchase an adapter for the your DVI port to be converted into an HDMI one. But there is a catch – you can’t pipe audio through DVI. Hence, when you’re connecting through the monitor with the use of a DVI to HDMI adapter, the speakers on your computer need to be connected separately. However, if you’re getting this unit for more work-related purposes (such as writing documents and making reports), or casual surfing around the Internet, then HDMI won’t be a necessary issue.

What’s unsurprising here is that the GL2450 is a TN-based LCD panel. Furthermore, it is among the cheapest and most basic LCD panel that you can get on today’s market. Hence, it lacks the strong static contrast rations that are found in VA-based monitors, and it lacks a slew of wide viewing angles that you can normally experience in an IPS panel.

In terms of image quality, it’s pretty much okay. Although it does claim to have a native contrast ratio of 1,000:1, the actual ratio is 949:1 but it is already relatively close which is not entirely a bad thing. However, looking through the eyes and you will see some areas that definitely need more work. For instance, the blacks are slightly muted and the colors do not have the same kind of “pop” that other monitors have. Still, this kind of muteness in the colors are not as worse as other monitors found in the same low-end price class.

So if you’re in the market for a budget-friendly monitor that you won’t mind using for office-related tasks, or for casual surfing around the World Wide Web, then the BenQ GL2450 is a pretty decent choice.


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