Audiofly AF240 Review – Aims to be a Purist Magnet But Falls Short

In a audio-filled world wherein many would want bass-forward profiles in their favorite tracks, the Audiofly AF240 aims to change that. It is a headset that dishes out crisp, clear audio with basically zero bass boosting. Aside from pure, uncolored audio performance, it gives produces such through its comfortable, classy frames. However, even audiophiles who like clear, crisp sound will find the sounds coming off of the AF240 to be a bit thin. Also, distortion ensues when playing tracks at top volumes.

Audiofly AF240 Review - Aims to be a Purist Magnet But Falls Short

The Audiofly AF240 May Not Please Many, Including Audio Purists

From a design standpoint, the Audiofly AF240 does deliver a lot. It looks and feels great. It employs the use of quality materials to create a secure, comfy fit. There is also a detachable cable that has an inline remote control and microphone. These add some value to the headphone to its high price point. Still, there are others who are more worthy to be your top pick within its price class.

Going back to its design, the AF240 headphone is simple as it is refined. It sets itself apart from the already crowded headphone market with its unique yet eye-catchy materials. At its top, the headband is line with thick, grainy leather with edges lined with suede. The earcups and the underside of the headband has memory foam to deliver optimal levels of comfort.

The headphones have a self-adjusting feature to the size of your skull. This is used to counteract tension on the headband adjustor. Speaking of this adjustor, it is a luxurious-looking brushed, matte metal finish. The glossy plastic has been combined with even more detailing found on the outer earcups. This outer-side also features the copper-colored Audiofly logo.

Within the earcups, there exists 40-millimeter single membrane neodymium drivers which are covered by a quilted black cloth speaker grille. These assist greatly in producing that clear, crisp, pure audio profile that purists may come to know and love. Bass signatures don’t even seem to exist on tracks that deliver little on the low-end spectrum. However, herein lies its main caveat since there are almost no “thump” in tracks, audio seems to be on the thin side.

If you’re looking for a more balanced sound that still leans on the clearer side of the audio spectrum, then there are other contenders than the Audiofly AF240 which might suit your fancy such as the Blue Lola or the Meze 99 Classics.


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