Panasonic HC-W570 Review – Appearances Can be Deceiving

From a design perspective, the Panasonic HC-W570 looks like it is made for the low-end market. Even though it does look like an entry-level unit right down to its hardware specs, the camera has a number of features that puts the device in leagues with higher end models. It has a back-up camera for grabbing a secondary angle, or a narration selfie if you will, while recording the main video. Other than this, it also offers a more elaborate image stabilization than what you would expect from other consumer video cameras within its price class.

Panasonic HC-W570 Review - Appearances Can be Deceiving

The Panasonic HC-W570 Places Itself as a Top Contender

There are other camcorders from the tech manufacturer that also features a secondary camera much like the Panasonic HC-W570. However, this “entry-level” camera uses a relatively small 1/5.8-inch backside-illuminated CMOS.

Relatively speaking, the camcorder’s lens is for the mid-range market. It does drop down to a faster aperture at f/1.8 when recording at full wide angle. However, it does rise quickly to f/4.2 when zoomed in. Speaking of zoom, it does offer a considerable amount as the lens can get closer up to 62x. This can be boosted even further to 90x using its Intelligent Zoom option, which is just basically a digital zoom function.

Speaking of the digital zoom, it can zoom even further than 90x but its quality is much to be desired as it can zoom up to 3000x. When zoomed after the 90x mark, the Intelligent Zoom function ceases to work. Also, it should be noted that using top optical zoom will reduce the effectiveness of the camera’s image stabilization features.

The HC-W570 camcorder has a higher-end optical system as opposed to other camcorders within its price level. Its rivals need to depend on electronic image stabilization, which does prove to be not as effective when compared to the performance level of the HC-W570 in ensuring sharp footage. This optical system is even further supplemented with digital assurance to make the device even more powerful. All of these features then boils down to the creation of the Active Mode, in which it will secure smooth handheld camera work even while walking or running.

Ultimately, the Panasonic HC-W570 is a very good entry-level camcorder. It even has the added bonus of a secondary lens. This gives it great value over the money that you spend on it. That, and its magnificent image stabilization features, will give you an excellent unit for the money.


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