Piper Z-Wave Water Sensor Review – It’s Not the Only Thing You Need

The Piper Z-Wave Water Sensor is not your typical modern-day sensor as it will not only send notification to your Android or iOS device when it is able to detect water, it will also alert all your family and friends recorded within the dedicated app for them to know you have a problem. The unit does cost more than your average non-connected sensor, and the installation and setup process is a bit tricky, but it is a great device to have handy when you’re living within a flood-prone area.

Piper Z-Wave Water Sensor Review - It's Not the Only Thing You Need

The Piper Z-Wave Water Sensor Alerts Everyone on a List When You Have a Water Problem

Measuring at 3.0 x 1.2 x 0.7-inches for its dimensions, the Piper Z-Wave Water Sensor has a size that is similar to many items of its type within the market. It is connected to an approximate 3-foot cable which has a two-pronged probe at its end which will detect the presence of water. There is a small button located at the top of the device which releases the back panel. Opening up said back panel will provide access to two AAA batteries, a Z-Wave button, and a Wake-up button.

The Wake-up button will be used to prepare the unit for pairing to a compatible device. Its Z-Wave button is used to pair the Z-Wave Water Sensor to the Piper Z-Wave radio. There is a red LED indicator on the front of the unit itself to let you know when it is already ready for pairing.

It can be paired with a Piper hub. When it does, it can then be configured to interact with the hub’s connected camera and siren, as well as other connected accessories such as the Piper Z-Wave LED Bulb. To configure the connected devices to warn people when there is a water problem, just go to the Rules page of the dedicated app then select the “If Water Sensor Detects Water” option.

This water sensor can be mounted on a wall with the use of a double-sided tape or screws, which is already included in the package (thankfully). Setting the device up for the first time requires a number of steps to complete, which is not the norm for a water sensor. However, when it is ready to do its magic, know that it will work like a charm.

The device will react immediately upon a single drop of water touching the probe. Connected devices will then receive an email, text, and push notifications for each event that happened. It will also integrate seamlessly to a Piper Camera and Siren, and it will trigger a connect smart bulb without fail.

In conclusion, the Piper Z-Wave Water Sensor is a useful addition to your home should you and your family be living within a flood-prone area. With all the notifications you get, plus the feature of letting everyone within the app’s list to be alerted when there is a water problem going on, then everyone can take advantage of its capabilities.


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