Nintendo NX – Why a 2016 Release Date Makes Sense

It has been said by the popular videogame maker that they will talk more about the Nintendo NX this year. However, it has already been a few months into the year and the latest evidence that we get is that the firm could also release this device sometime this year. Apart from that, there is very little to know about Nintendo’s next console, apart from the fact that it will be nothing like the Wii or Wii U.

Nintendo NX - Why a 2016 Release Date Makes Sense

Nintendo NX May be Released This Year

According to a Wall Street Journal rumor, there are developers that already have their hands full as they got their hands on the Nintendo NX development kits. Now, Japanese publishing Nikkei is claiming that the Wii U will be ending its production and shipping this year, although that claim has recently been denied by the gaming company themselves and will continue sales and production of the Wii U. Nevertheless, this means that outside studios and publishers may already be working on newer games for the launch of the Nintendo gaming console.

Because of the little information that just about everyone has about the NX console, rumors would no doubt pop up left and right. One of those is that the new unit will combine the publisher’s home console and handheld efforts into one complete package. While this may be exciting for Nintendo, it is not exactly all that new. Sony’s PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita has some titles that would allow players to access a remote play feature. In other words, a save file can be saved and loaded into either the living room or the handheld version of the PlayStation console. This lets players be given more options if they want to play indoors or outside of their homes without damaging their progress.

The production of the newer console for Nintendo is important for two main reasons – the 3DS is already old (in terms of the lifespan of gaming devices), and the Wii U is still met with low sales. Therefore, it may be vital for the gaming firm to be interested in solidifying their earnings from their core business structure while simultaneously moving along into exploring other formats.

Nintendo is also seen to be past the point of somehow trying to magically resurrect the Wii U from its grave of bad sales, hence the reason why they are aiming for giving more focus on the Nintendo NX. Even a price cut wasn’t enough to make it stand out of the competition. Therefore, putting more efforts to the console is seen as a bad bet to consider.


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