Apple Watch – Reasons to Still Wear the Device Despite Lagging Behind the Competition

Published: 27 April 2016Updated: 16 January 2024

For many Apple Watch users, the issues that they have complained with when they’ve acquired the wearable tech when it was released are still there. These issues mostly boil down to the fact that even though it is running mostly on native apps, it is perhaps the slowest Apple product that they have used in a long time. However, users still wake up in the morning, put on the Watch, and act like it’s just any other ordinary day. Even though Apple’s wearable is seen to be lagging behind its Android Wear rivals, there are still some of its features that would make it a pretty useful Watch.

Apple Watch - Reasons to Still Wear the Device Despite Lagging Behind the Competition

Reasons to Still Pick Up Your Apple Watch and go About Your Day

To start of the list of reasons as to why you should still wear the Apple Watch is the thought that dismissing or snoozing alarms when fidgeting for your iPhone is a no-no. Think about this scenario – you’re in an important business meeting and your iPhone suddenly reminds you of something. Even if the smartphone will only vibrate, it can be frustrating to not know what it’s vibrating about. With the wearable tech, you can just glance through the watch’s face to know what the hubbub is all about. You can then also snooze or dismiss the alarm pretty easily.

For the fitness-centric individual, there’s the Workouts app on the Apple Watch. Many individuals swear by this handy application. Turning it on and letting it record your activities will give you great guidance on your fitness regimens. Many would wear the Watch just for this feature (and of course, telling time).

Another neat feature is that it has a modular face. While many wearable techs and smartwatches will allow you to change the watch’s face, they don’t really offer much flexibility except, well, changing the watch’s face. For Apple’s wearable, you can mix, match, and switch modules on its face to suit your needs. You can throw away the ones you don’t want and leave the ones that you need. Furthermore, tapping on a specific module, say the weather, will let you jump straight to those specific watch apps. It may not provide the best “cool” factor, but it is certainly one of the most useful.

Finally, and perhaps why most people do not want to get rid of the Apple Watch is that it has a feature to locate your iPhone. With a tap of a button, it will let your iPhone produce an audible note that will allow you to find it. Perfect when your couch wants to eat your smartphone and you’ve forgotten where it is.


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