A Billion iPhone Sold. Apple Breaks Another Record.


Apple has managed to sell a billion iPhone. Does that also mean a billion iPhone users?

What seemed like inevitable has finally happened. Apple, the hugely popular smartphone company, has effectively been able to sell its billionth iPhone.

With that said, you have to wonder how many of those iPhones went to people who actually wanted to play Pokemon Go rather than buy a phone that offered the best value for money.

A billion may not sound like a lot when it comes to Apple because the company has been able to put up some insane numbers over the last few years as far as sales are concerned, but considering that Apple’s iPhone sales were down for a considerable period of time this year, this landmark number seems even more remarkable.

Apple shipped a gargantuan 40.4 million iPhones just this past quarter. If that number didn’t impress you then how about the next number.

Apple actually 47.5 million iPhones this time last year. Still haven’t had enough?

In the three months prior to the past quarter, Apple managed to sell 51.2 million iPhone units. People who thought Apple would have trouble selling its relatively expensive smartphone for a longer period of time need to think again.

Not only that, it seems like the decline of Apple iPhone sales in China would not hurt the company as some thought it would since Apple’s CEO Tim Cook announced earlier that now the company is looking for other emerging markets like India.

Tim Cook said that Apple smartphone devices were popular in both emerging markets as well as developing markets. That makes sense since even though the iPhone isn’t the cheapest phone out there in the market, it is certainly the most well built one.

The only downside to having such a great product in your line up is that, like Apple, it makes you dependent on just one product, which is never an ideal scenario.


Apple has reached the landmark number despite seeing a massive drop in iPhone sales in regions such as China

Apple’s iPhone sales still form the largest slice of Apple’s overall financial pie but the company cannot, realistically speaking, hope to keep up (even though sales have slowed down for the past year) the kind of growth momentum it had experienced in its earlier years forever.

Apple made $42.2 billion in Q3 which was a 15 percent drop on a yearly basis. Currently, investors look appeased and stock prices have stabilized as Apple’s share price has gone up by 7 percent.

Apple was also able to sell 10 million iPads after experience severe disappointment from Mac sales.

But how much longer can Apple rely on its golden goose that is the iPhone. Some media outlets have already reported a significant drop  of 26 percent in sales as far as China is concerned.

That drop alone made up almost half of all revenue loss Apple experienced last quarter. And that isn’t even the bad news.

The bad news is that Apple’s iPhone sales in China are forecasted to drop by a massive 33 percent from last year and that has forced Apple to look towards other markets in order to find their source of boost in sales.

That market unquestionably is India. If Tim Cook’s remarks are anything to go by then India will be the next growth engine for Apple as the CEO earlier stated that he feels that India is a vibrant country and Apple recognizes the huge potential the country offers.

Of course, coming to India and shaking up its mobile market will be a lot harder for Apple as the market in India is flooded with low-cost smartphones with big screens and juicy hardware technology.

The iPhone 6 that was launched in 2014 proved to be another hit for Apple as it enabled the company to scale even higher financial heights than before. Pundits believe that the numbers Apple was able to put up because of iPhone 6, will become a thing of the past as Apple could no longer grow that quickly.

At the moment, the rumor mill is filled with reports which suggest that the new iPhone models will not be redesigned drastically.

It has also been reported that even though the new iPhones may not look all that different from the previous models, they would surely be upgraded with performance bumps, bigger cameras and the absence of a headphone jack.

Apple will continue to rely on the sales of its flagship mobile phone as long as it is profitable for the company and even though the sales have dropped over the past few months, the company has still managed to sell its billionth iPhone.


Can Apple keep up iPhone sales to solidify the company’s financial results.

Tim Cook, the current Apple’s CEO, made the announced regarding the milestone a few hours ago in a special employee meeting at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California.

The Apple CEO applauded the Apple employees for helping change the world every day and noted that a company like Apple would always remain committed to making the best products out there in the market; not just to make a profit, but to make a difference.

It was only in 2014 that Apple announced that the company had sold its 500 millionth iPhone. Fast forward to 2016 and that number has reached 1 billion.

That is no doubt, a large number, but with the new iPhone models coming to the market probably this September, expect that number to go up even further.

What would have really made this milestone catch fire as far as media coverage is concerned is if Apple hadn’t charged the person who bought the billionth iPhone.

Now, that gesture would have counted as an appropriate celebration of Apple’s milestone.

Readers might be surprised to know that Apple passed 1 billion active users about seven months ago in January 2016.

But that number included iPhone,iPad,Apple Watch and Apple TV users. A possibly bigger achievement would be if Apple managed to get 1 billion active users on its iPhone devices alone.

Have you experience any of the iPhone models Apple has released over the last decade or so? Are you a member of an iPhone cult where people buy as many different iPhone models as they possibly can for the sake of collection rather than use? If you are, then let us know your story by using the comments section below.


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