Undertale Review – Not Your Typical RPG

Once you start with the opening cinematic for Undertale, you would think that it is another cliché RPG. The story begins where you awake in a new yet mysterious world and would proceed to embark in your journey trying to find your way back home. Pretty generic, right? It may be at first glance. But as you progress through the game, it will tell you not to take anything at face value.

Undertale Review - Not Your Typical RPG

In Undertale, Never Judge Anything By Its Cover

Even though it is clear that Undertale is clearly designed for gamers who are into RPGs, a lot of the game’s jokes appeal to a more universal audience. There is a pair of comical skeletons that will regular bring up puns and jokes while they attempt to stop you from progressing through the story. There is also once character that is so socially inept that whenever they try to express their feelings for another will be a genuine source of laughter.

In Undertale (PC), you will be encouraged to stop and engage with just about every NPC you come across rather than charge through whatever story you might feel to go through. There are varied, and even entertaining monsters that will reveal vital information about this brave new world. If you though the quality of the game is not unique because of its 8-bit graphics, then you are terribly wrong.

This game gives the sort of experience that will encourage you to come back for seconds, thirds, or even fourths. While the game’s story does feel short (it can be done in about 5 hours of gameplay), a lot of decisions that you make will impact the world around you. Therefore, there is much importance of the choices you make as opposed to just to just killing stuff with your weapon and blazing through the game like it was nothing. In this game, you either choose to fight or even talk your way out of conflict.

A far more rewarding experience awaits you if you pacify your enemies rather than simply fighting them. Furthermore, pacifying is unique for every enemy. In order to earn them their favor, you need to figure out the right option to take. For instance, you might want to befriend a dog rather than kill it, and in another, you might want to cheer up a lonely ghost.

The success of Undertale will depend on your ability to react and empathize on certain situations. It brings a wide depth of puzzles to complete, albeit the shortness of the story. It removes the traditional problem that is all-too-common for common RPGs – random encounters that don’t seem to end.


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