Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 Review – The 4th Installment to the Kiddy Mascot Horror Game

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 continues to bring your childhood nightmares to life. As with the other installments in the franchise, you will be placed inside a room and try to survive every 8-minute-day with your wits intact. You have to make sure that you don’t have a quick death, or jump out of your seat, or throw your mobile device while you’re screaming at the top of your lungs in sheer terror. The creep, walking animatronic animals make a ghastly return and you have to use surveillance cameras to carefully block their entrance into your room. There will be loud screeches, terrifying robotic visages, and a ton of jumpscares in this very short, but eerily exciting, videogame.

Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Review - The 4th Installment to the Kiddy Mascot Horror Game

Remember to Keep Your Wits While Playing Five Nights at Freddy’s 4

While Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 is already the fourth title in the videogame franchise, develop Scott Cawthon keeps his tenacity into constantly tweaking his own brand of horror. The game’s fundamentals are still there, meaning you will still get those “greetings” from Bonnie, Foxy, Chica, and of course, Freddy. You will close doors as your primary defensive mechanic, but there are differences thrown into the mix to offer a refreshing presentation to the title.

For instance, replacing the original setting of the Pizzeria, you will be placed inside a bedroom of a child who substitutes the underpaid security guard from the older games. In a complete 180-degree turn, the camera system has now been removed entirely. Therefore, to check for an impending attack, it will involve running to a door, clicking on the button on the flashlight (which thankfully has unlimited battery), leaning outside, or slamming the door shut at the opportune moment.

Like in other Five Nights at Freddy’s games, keeping your wits while staying alive in the game is a matter of familiarization of each of the demonic animatronic’s behavior. Where sight is the only cue in previous games, this time around the mobile game throws in another different angle – audio cues. There are all sorts of classic cues that can be heard (if you’re familiar with horror movies). For instance, there are the metallic tinkling of shifting kitchen pans, the sound of breathing of something really close, or the sound of muffled footsteps which means there is something clearly going up into your room.

In many ways, Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 brings all the usual flair of the other FNFA games, sans the camera. There’s still the twisted menagerie of cloudy dates, its atmospheric lore, and the sense of being inside a chilling, edge-of-your-seat murder mystery.


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