Acer Chromebase – The All-in-One Video Conference System

The Acer Chromebase was first debuted back at CES 2016, however that variant was not loaded with Google’s enterprise software unlike the current model. This is the company’s new Chromebase that has features specifically leaning towards business meetings. It is a video conference system that has the ability to track schedules amongst other functionalities. It can even support a 25-person Google Hangouts session, even with people who have no account from the search engine giant’s popular messaging system.

Acer Chromebase - The All-in-One Video Conference System

The Acer Chromebase Has Features Leaning Towards Video Conferences

The Acer Chromebase is nothing like the Chromebox for meetings that was launched back in 2014. This newer device is an all-in-one unit that already comes with its very own display. Google says that getting the computer set up and running only has simple plug-and-play features. In other words, getting it to work is as simple as plugging the device into a source of power then connecting it to a local network.

This particular Chromebase has a 24-inch screen and it is of a 720p touchscreen variety. It also includes an adjustable camera, four-mic array, and two speakers to use during conferences. It contains an array of ports located at its rear, which includes three USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 port, and a headphone jack. It also has an SD card reader.

Aside from the various ports, the new Chromebase comes with remote management tools in which a business’ IT team can use in order to troubleshoot video and audio quality should these issues arise. However, it is not available everywhere yet. Only businesses in US, UK, Canada, Ireland, and Australia can take advantage of this system. Those who are able to get it within these countries will include management and support fees for one year.

It should be noted that this Chromebase is a device meant to be placed inside smaller spaces; and by smaller space it means two people inside one room. Those who are in need of a more popular system for video conferencing may want to get a Chromebox with better specs instead.

For the larger Acer Chromebase, it will include a Logitech PTZ Pro Camera (which can take photos and videos at Full 1080p HD), two microphone speakers, a remote control, the Google Hangouts app, and also the management and support coverage. The device (either the larger or smaller versions) can be used for meeting managements, provide access to network settings, and can also easily connect to Google Calendars.


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