A New IT infrastructure: A project in collaboration with Nokia, HP, Microsoft and Telefonica.

A New IT infrastructure: A project in collaboration with Nokia, HP, Microsoft and Telefonica.

An IT infrastructure and workplace space will soon rise in partnership with four giant companies namely Nokia, HP, Microsoft and Telefonica. Nokia a Finnish telecom equipment maker said in a statement that, “The transformation is planned to be completed during the first quarter of 2017.”

It added that, “With the new cloud-based architecture in place, the company will be in a unique position to harness the complete potential of IT and telecommunications operations for superior quality, greater agility and faster introduction of new IT services.”

The contribution of each companies aside from financial aspect.

It is also stated that, “As part of the partnership, HP will provide an array of IT services, while Microsoft will be the key enabler for transferring the IT services to the cloud and supporting Nokia in adoption of new social and collaboration capabilities and the Telefonica will deliver telecom services like wide area network (WAN) Internet access and unified communication platform.”

As technology advances additional IT infrastructures is deemed to be in-demand, as technology impacted us not just on personal level but all the more to day to day business environment thus and so technology should be clearly and precisely defined to support its demanding operation, the collaboration of this four giant companies will provide an additional resource of strategies that will aid technology deployment.

Moreover, an IT operation is too complex to just rely on outdated ways, with the project collaboration of these four companies there should be new ways and techniques that will be develop that will help businesses as well as consumers get the most of what technology can offer more for the convenience of mankind.

It is from the words of Nokia Networks CIO Manfred Immitzer, “This investment will further improve our infrastructure quality and agility. It will simplify the global network solution and provide a much better service experience and connectivity for the users of our employees,” he also added that, “This IT infrastructure renewal is the biggest and most impactful IT programme Nokia has initiated over the last years.”


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