A Boy and His Blob Review – Hug Away

There are not many games feature a hug button, but then again, A Boy and His Blob is not most games. The game first appeared on the Wii platform back on 2009, and is now available in Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac, and Linux. This is a re-imagining of a 1989 NES classic but is now made for modern-day gaming consoles.

A Boy and His Blob Review - Hug Away

A Boy and His Blob Brings on the Charm

In A Boy and His Blob, it brings a narrative about a boy and an alien refugee. Said extraterrestrial is a cute white blob that has recently escaped from the hands of an evil empire but only to crash land on our dear blue planet. The two protagonists join forces to defeat the Blob’s pursuers to get the cute, white… thing back to his home planet.

The blob, as a companion, will tag along after the boy and can easily be summoned using shouts. If it goes astray, it can be summoned using a high-pitched whistle. Soon enough, you will notice that the blob is not just a white, soft, squishy alien. He has some powers hiding in his body; for instance, throw a colored jelly-bean down and it will transform into a hole on the ground for your jump into. It can even transform into other things such as a trampoline, a ladder, an anvil, or even a bowling ball. Using these transformations at your disposal , you are able to defeat the emperor’s army and also tackle any obstacle that will hinder your path into returning your alien friend back to his home planet (E.T. anyone?).

As for the boy, he is able to leap, albeit at a very limited height, could not survive falls, spikes, water, or close contact against enemies. He seems very weak, or rather he IS weak. But any challenge faced by the boy can be solved with some blob-related solutions.

Hence, A Boy and His Blob (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Linux, Mac) is a deep puzzle-platformer. Even though this is a remastered version, it doesn’t do much justice as an update in terms of graphics. However, its overall charm has not faded and will still attract many players to it.

With A Boy and His Blob, the narrative and playstyle has not lost its charm even though the graphics only gains a slight boost. The game boasts simple controls in which anyone can pick up and play. The gentle difficulty is very welcoming and brings a thoroughly rewarding remake.


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