URB-E Review – Built for the Urban Commuter

The URB-E is a foldable scooter that weighs just under 35-pounds. It can carry an adult for up to 20-miles on a single charge with a top speed of approximately 15MPH. With its weight and top speed, it is an ideal vehicle for urban living. It has a 250-watt brushless motor and a 36-volt lithium-ion battery which only takes approximately four hours to be fully charged. What’s interesting here is that the battery has a USB connection, which means you can plug in some accessories if you’d like. Some examples are headlights, brake lights, or even an adapter to charge your smartphone.

URB-E Review - Built for the Urban Commuter

The URB-E Presents Smartphone Charging on the Go

When the URB-E is folded up, it is light enough to carry up about two flights of stairs. However, its design does not present any comfortable ways to grip and lift it, or even shoulder it. Still, transforming the vehicle from its folded state to its ready-to-ride condition is a snap.

Driving the URB-E Scooter around town is a robust and reliable experience. However, the battery indicators could do better as they are only shown in full, half, and empty. Therefore, you won’t get any notification if it’s already low on power. You’ll just wonder why the scooter suddenly stops going forward.

Riding it is very easy and anyone who knows how to balance and ride on a bike can just hop onto it and go. Still, it doesn’t mean that if you ride a bike you will immediately know how to ride this electric scooter. There is a bit of a learning curve in terms of comfort and control. It is a front-wheel drive type of vehicle, with a disc brake found on the rear wheel. Because of these settings, it makes handling the scooter a bit jumpy. Many would find it difficult to ride with their feet on the front set of the pegs. Still, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to drive, it will only just take some getting used to.

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The scooter stand 35-inches in eight and the seat is about 28-inches above ground. Hence, it is easy to put your foot on the ground to steady yourself when needed. Its compact nature also means that you can steer using your feet.

The URB-E is a great alternative for anyone who does not want a bike but does not want to upgrade to a motorcycle. Riding it is quite easy and won’t take forever to learn how to use it.


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