Zeitgeist Beta X – The Electric Bike Built for the Empire

Zeitgeist aims to address the problems concerning electric bikes with the Beta X. Electric bikes are known to have a problem as they can be as clunky and very hard to store as a moped. They are also known to have limited range, and do get shunned by other cyclists when used in bicycle lanes. With Zeitgeist’s electric bike, it fuses Scandinavian design with what could be the lightest eBike to-date. Furthermore, the design of the bike looks like it takes cues from a Stormtrooper from the Star Wars franchise.

Zeitgeist Beta X - The Electric Bike Built for the Empire

The Zeitgeist Beta X is Probably the Lightest Electric Bike To-Date

One of the biggest issues of the electric bike that the Beta X wants to deal with is its excessive weight. With this particular eBike, it uses a carbon fiber frame in order to shed away the pounds. Competing alloy bicycles are known to have weights of somewhere around 55 to 65-pounds, Zeitgeist’s bike is said to weigh in at 44-pounds. While it is still heavier than your typical commuter bicycle (as those only weigh roughly around 15 to 25-pounds), commuter bikes do not have batteries and an electric motor installed in them to add to the extra weight.

Furthermore, there is no suspension on the Zeitgeist Beta X but carbon fiber generally rides softer anyway. Large 700c balloon tires are being used and they also make the entire riding experience a bit more comfortable to the rider.

As for this eBike’s battery pack, it uses commodity lithium ion cells which can commonly be found being used in many laptops. It is easily removable and can be changed or swapped with a fresh pack easily. The company says that the bike will run up to 4-hours on a single full-charge. While this is less than a typical work day, it has a 80 to 100 mile range; this means that you don’t have to charge it every day.

It still features a pedal design as pedal-based electric cars are known to skirt laws regarding electric bicycles and their top speed. For a throttle-based bicycle that moves on its own power (those that do not require any pedaling) is legally required to stay under the 20-miles-per-hour speed limit to avoid being classified as a motorized vehicle. If the speeds are exceeded, then helmet laws and motorcycle licenses and registration will be required.

But perhaps the most noticeable factor of the Beta X is not with its Stormtrooper-esque design, but its price. If you’re thinking that you can easily purchase it without having to make your wallet cry too much, then think again. It is placed in a four-figure price class that can easily break banks if it wanted to.


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