YouTube Gaming – Android App Gets New Features

YouTube Gaming is getting a slew of new features. This videogaming-focused streaming service has ditched the sidebars found on its homepage. Doing so has made navigation within the various facets of the app a lot easier. There are also new pages to assist in managing games and channels. There is also a boost with regards to the discovery of new content.

YouTube Gaming – Android App Gets New Features

YouTube Gaming Now Has a Bunch of New Features

Along with the aforementioned features within YouTube Gaming, there is now a new “Live” tab found on the homepage. By tapping on it, users are able to see the top streams, videos, and games from their subscribed channels. Additionally, there’s also an Android live stream player; this feature supports quality switching, 60-frames-per-second (fps) viewing, and a DVR mode. This certain feature was limited to iOS and browsers with HTML5 before.

Another new feature to join the ranks of YouTube Gaming for Android is a pop-out player. As the name of the feature states, users are able to pop-out the player from the app. Therefore, it makes for many multi-tasking options on an Android device.

There’s even more; the mobile app for Android, as well as for the iOS version of the app, will now be available to a few more countries. “Now we’re inviting more players to the game. Starting today, the YouTube Gaming mobile app will be available on iOS and Android in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland, homes to top gaming creators like jacksepticeye, Vanoss, and TypicalGamer,” wrote Alan Joyce, the app’s product manager.

It will be interesting to know what other countries will be able to get their hands on experiencing the app. Since video game streaming is now undoubtedly becoming mainstream, it can be a wonder how large will the gaming market will become when the app will be available in more regions.

The developers even went to Reddit to place an even longer version of the app’s changelog. For the reason why they took to the website to post the longer version of the changelog, we may never know the exact reason. The longer changelog also mentions that the app now supports recent searches and info cards. Furthermore, it also localized text based on the user’s set language that was set on their own account found on the YouTube website.

Naturally, there are also some bug fixes and performance improvements that go along with the update for the YouTube Gaming app. More specifically speaking, it fixed the mobile capture mode which now supports pausing and resuming.


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