You’ll Want to Wear the Microsoft Band 2

Perhaps the biggest hurdle for the Microsoft Band 2 is you will want to wear it. The new wearable tech from Microsoft has a curved AMOLED display, and is made to be radically more comfortable than its 1st generation model. The first iteration had a flat display that winged off of your wrists which was a bit, if not a great discomfort for many.

The new Band comes into the market with 3 different sizes – a small, medium, and a large variant. The small one is 143 to 170-millimeters, the medium is 163 to 185-millimeters, and the larger model is 180 to 210-millimeters. The wristband can be adjusted to a degree. The larger variant may not be for people who have smaller wrists as reports state that it is still fairly large even while in its smallest setting.

You'll Want to Wear the Microsoft Band 2

The Microsoft Band 2 Holds Incredible Promise

While it is now made more comfortable, when talking about ergonomics, the Microsoft Band 2 still has some flaws in this aspect. The display has a landscape design so if you wear the device upright like a watch, you’ll have to contort either your wrist or your head.

But even though it has the weird landscape display, it still holds a lot of promise. The new Microsoft Band will have 11 different sensors. This includes a barometer to track elevation. The Band also has Cortana, which you can conveniently ask to help you with certain things.

The Band also has VO2 Max readings for those who are serious about their fitness, like athletes. Finally, it has about 48-hours of battery life (according to reports). The recorded battery life is with average use.

This new Band from Microsoft feels like a real product than the original as the 1st model still had that “beta” air to it. This new generation tech is a wearable device fully realized, even though it does feel like it is far from perfect. Even though there are some things about it that needs ironing out, it still provides users with a lot of potential.

Microsoft has been known for a lot of great tech which involves laptops, Lumias, and even operating systems. However, the world may not be ready for the company’s wearable line.

The Microsoft Band 2 was recently met with little fanfare, but that may change over time. Still, users are advised to get used to looking at the landscape view of the device’s face.



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