5 Best Free Restaurant Management Software For Your Restaurant Business

Running a restaurant business is not easy as you think, if something goes wrong it will put your restaurant business into a financial problem that will lead to closure of the business. Everyday you need to have a status and overview of what’s going on your restaurant, you must have sales information, inventory, costing, forecasting and so on to properly run the business. Having those requirements in manual operation could take time or it can also result to a wrong information because of human error. You need to automate all of these work and by the aid of computer nowadays it will be done in accurate and easy way. But having a computer does it means it solve your problem, you need a software installed on it, a software called Restaurant Management Software. This kind of software needs money because most of them are commercial but luckily there is an alternative solutions, the open source version of restaurant management system. Open source softwares are created by a community of developers and users to build a free and effective software. Open source restaurant software is a great example of software build by the community and offers for free. Bellow are our list of recommended top free restaurant management software.


Top 5 Best Free Restaurant Management Software

1. Unicenta POS

Unicenta - 5 Best Free Restaurant Management Software For Your Restaurant Business

UniCenta oPOS has been around since 2010 and has gained amazing popularity over the years. It originally came to life after hunting for a POS for a leading leisure company Europe. It had to work hand-in-glove within a mixed-environment and capable of integrating with the existing diverse leisure club Membership systems. A solution was difficut to find… the idea for uniCenta oPOS was born.  Today, uniCenta oPOS is a mature product and as August 2015 came to a close downloads passed the half million mark.  With a continual development and improvement cycle based on feedback from a wide range of users – including general stores, restaurateurs, bar owners through to historic visitor attractions – its functionality and popularity continues to grow. 24 hours a day, every day, it helps thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses save money.


2. Floreant – Free Open Source Point of Sale for Restaurants

Floreant - 5 Best Free Restaurant Management Software For Your Restaurant Business.jpg

Floreant POS started its journey in 2008 when Dennys Restaurant in Oneonta, NY hired our team for upgrading their database. There we proposed a client server architecture that would be cloud compatible, touch screen friendly and integrates industry standard features. In latin “Floreant” means to flourish – to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way. Open source was the way to go. In 2010 our 1.0_2 release received huge appreciation and then in last year we extended it to embrace commercial plugins. Floreant is more than just a POS. Its a total hospitality solution that facilitates small cafes where simplicity matters, in dine-in where table operation is essential and in big chains where multi-user and multi-hosted operations is imporant. Although designed for hospitality business it has been used successfuly in retails and groceries. We have customized free for social welfare projects. Universities use it for research projects, loyality companies customize it as training system and its symbol of innovation. We saw people using it for venue management, some food delivery people installed in Java tablets for mobile operation. We have been known as the most popular POS for restaurants with more than 25,000 installation in 20 languages in 35 countries


3. SambaPOS

SambaPOS - 5 Best Free Restaurant Management Software For Your Restaurant Business

SambaPOS is a Free Restaurant POS Software. It runs on your PC and supports most POS components such as touch screens, tablets and thermal printers. SambaPOS actively running on thousands of restaurants from more than 50 countries. It translated to 18 languages and we have more than 1000 downloads each month. Fully optimized for fast and easy production usage. Very flexible to fit to your business ideas. This is not demo. Just real stuff. Download and start using it now.


4. Chromis POS

Chromis POS - 5 Best Free Restaurant Management Software For Your Restaurant Business.jpg

Chromis POS has only just started on it journey of evolution, but it originally started its life after I came across an open source project called Openbravo,  when looking for a Point Of Sale (POS) solution for a friend to use in his tropical fish shop. The software was downloaded and tested, and it was at this point that,  its unsuitability for use in the fish shop, ( as it stood), was discovered. The main problem was how do set up the product file for the fish species, when the range of these is so large. The first approach was to set up a fish product to the smallest possible price, 1p in our case. That would mean if the fish was £5.00 then the user needed to enter 500 x fish (1p), the only issue on the receipt it printed as 500 units at 1p. A better solution was needed.  It was at this point in time that I decided I needed to get the software fit for purpose, with at that moment time a single function, ‘the ability for a variable price product’. The first update I released, addressed the pricing issue for my friend.  This was the variable price product, which allowed the user to set up a product with no fixed price. On use, the user enters the price and then selects the product. I released this code to the other users of the product, via the forum. The next item I needed to address was, my friend had over 5000 products to add to the software, what a task that would be. We had a conversation with his suppliers who said that they could supply the details in a spreadsheet, great I thought how to get them into the software? The next item that I spent time on writing, was the CSV import tool. Again which was released to the general users via the forum. I watched the forum and responded to some of the requests for changes. If I thought the idea was worth the effort, I tried to work on a solution.  This resulted in a large number of updates to the software, which were incorporated into a release in 2013.  As time followed more features were posted on the forum, and these generated a number of followers.I always had a policy of making the source code for my changes available on the day of release, this will remain one of the guiding principles on Chromis. At this time I had a number of users who respected the changes and implemented them in to their operations. This was where a problem started to arise, as a new release of the software appeared I needed to write the features again to work with the latest code.  Following a number of events, the decision was made to start my own fork of the software. I had already been asked by a number of forum members if I had ever considered that option prior to the decision. I started to work with a number of members on getting a release available, this was made available a the beginning of Septemebr 2015, Chromis was born.  Chromis is currently under going a number of changes to get to a point where more of the features I had been planning to add to the list on forum, can be implemented.



5. SmartPOS

SmartPOS - 5 Best Free Restaurant Management Software For Your Restaurant Business

SartPOS is a complete new OSGi plug-in that works inside SmartERP. (Idempiere 2.1 Distro) , taking all the power of an ERP, but creating an intuitive , agile and easy to learn Point of Sale (POS) 100% Web .  SmartPOS has been designed to work as part of the ERP, and support complex business environments, where you can manage different products per organization, different organizations per client, differente warehouses per organization, and for each warehouse private config for your POS, price lists, taxes, discounts, combos (basic manufaturing) and much more.  Optimized to be secure, reliable with focus in productivity and fraud control.


These are the 5 Best Free Restaurant Management Software  that we choose, if you have any suggestions and recommendations then please write your comment bellow on this article. Thank you for reading and we hope that this article will help you when buying a Restaurant Management Software.


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