XKChrome – Turn Your Night Ride Into Something New

XKChrome is your coolest way to shine your night rides. It is also one of the easiest way to find out where your car is parked in a busy mall (or anywhere for that matter). Also, it is the safest way to enhance the brake signal.

XKChrome - Turn Your Night Ride Into Something New

XKChrome Pushes Automotive Lighting to a New Era

With XKChrome lighting on your vehicle, it can shine your beloved car with millions of vivid colors and animated patterns. It can even be used on your motorcycle. The visuals are stunning and all can be controlled from an easy-to-use mobile app. With the app, you can control the lights remotely, and customize the patters, all at a simple touch of your fingertips.

The XKChrome lighting system uses various sensors from your phone to bring the dynamism into the lights. This Real-time Chameleon feature will instantly change how your vehicle presents itself. Choose from a rainbow of colors from the app and then see the magic happen on your vehicle. There is also a Music Sync feature that will make the lights “dance” to follow along your favorite tunes. With this lighting system, your vehicle will become part of you, and will even extend your purpose of self-expression even further.

But this lighting system is not just all about the fun, as it is also all about the safety. It brings night driving experiences safer and adds to more convenience. There is a Smart Brake sensor included in the package that will automatically switch the lights to a bright red color during brake for maximum visibility.

Aside from the Smart Brake system, the entire system will also assist in remembering your parking spot whenever you leave your vehicle. So if you’ve seem to have lost your vehicle inside a parking lot of a crowded mall, don’t fret. There are powerful features that are integrated into a slim, waterproof controller. Said controller will talk to your phone using advanced iBeacon and Bluetooth technology to assist you in finding your vehicle when for those instances when you forgot where you parked it.

The Real-time Chameleon on the XKChrome feature will paint your ride with any color that you see. How does this work? Just point your phone’s camera into a direction and the lighting system will follow suit by changing the colors on what the camera sensors see. Whether it’s a new shirt, or that beautiful flower by the side of the road, you will be sure that the lights will accurately change to those targeted colors.


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