Xenoblade Chronicles X Review – The Wii U’s Biggest RPG To-Date

When you start Xenoblade Chronicles X, there will be an immediate sense of massiveness that other RPGs for the Nintendo Wii U could not deliver. However, even though it is an extremely impressive game when it comes to its visuals, it takes quite a bit of play-time before anything gets really interesting. This is a game that is hell-bent on exposing all of its weaknesses within the first hour of playthrough. Those who have little patience may find themselves putting the controller down and moving on to another game. However, for those who stay true with Xenoblade will find rewards for their patience.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Review - The Wii U's Biggest RPG To-Date

Xenoblade Chronicles X is Deep, Complex, and Enjoyable

Battle systems in Xenoblade Chronicles X are what you can normally see in classic JRPGs. However, this game has much looser narrative as it is set in a massive open-world. For the most part, this is a single-player game, and yet it borrows many MMORPG elements than what you can see in the likes of the Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest franchises.

This is a sci-fi game to its core, but this is comparable to Capcom’s Monster Hunter titles. After reading the previous statement, you can immediately tell if this Xenoblade game is worthy to be picked up by you.

Still, playing through the game does make it feel a bit ambitious, especially for the story. The whole premise here is that the Earth has been caught in the middle of an intergalactic war. The planet has been hopelessly abandoned and subsequently destroyed. The surviving remnants of what used to be called humanity has already survived in giant ark ships. Those ships could not even reach deep space as they have been attacked by unknown forces.

One of those ships lands on the surface of a planet called Mira. There are different sections scattered in Mira but the core habitat remains intact. Those alive and awake from the crash are now beginning to search for survivors. You play as one of those who just recently awoke from a cryogenic slumber as you join up with the nascent army, BLADE, to assist in the protection of survivors, explore Mira, and ensure that New LA will continue to thrive after the destruction of life on Earth.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is a strange mix of action, JRPG, Monster Hunter, and MMO. It is set in an incredibly dazzling environment complete with interesting but beautiful creatures to explore and kill. This game is both a cliché and an understatement at the same time.


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