Rainbow 6: Siege Review – Going Solo Won’t Get You Far

There has been countless first person shooter games over the years that mostly promoted solo play; but go solo in Rainbow 6: Siege and you won’t get very far. This Rainbow 6 game is the first game after about a 7-year absence. The last one was Rainbow 6: Vegas 2. This new Rainbow 6 iteration plays heavily on teamwork and camaraderie. Each member of the group must work together to reach a common goal. Otherwise, everything will fall apart.

Rainbow 6: Siege Review - Going Solo Won't Get You Far

Rainbow 6: Siege is a Very Addictive Game Based on Teamwork

The story behind Rainbow 6: Siege revolves around a world that has changed for the worst. Terrorism has become more prominent than ever, which means you and your gang of online buddies must rid them all one group at a time.

In the ever growing world of videogames, online play has become more and more prevalent. Since Rainbow Six: Siege revolves around that ongoing trend, this is more of a franchise reboot than an entirely new game. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing considering that the title has been missing for quite a while.

Perhaps what separates most Rainbow 6 games from other team shooters is the ability to plan each mission prior to starting it. Team members will have a chance to extract each minute detail for the upcoming mission. Surprisingly, this feature is absent in Siege. On previous games, you can use scouts and wheeled drones to check up hostage situations and other terrorist activities. If you’re looking for this type of playstyle once more, then you’re out of luck.

But once again, removing the planning stage may not actually a terribly bad thin. After all, not many of us have the patience to plan out missions first before executing them. There are players that would like to go in with guns blazing instead. Hence, Siege has become more action-packed than most of its predecessors.

Even with a game that plays heavily on multiplayer in teamwork, it doesn’t mean that there’s no solo missions. There is a single-player mode that will act as an extended tutorial. In this mode, there are ten situations. In each situation, the player will cover all scenarios that they can find in the multiplayer section of the game. These will include defusing bombs, rescuing hostages, and simply ridding the existence of terrorists from this Earth.

Rainbow 6: Siege has new things to offer while still offering many elements from the previous titles from the franchise. It is a beautifully made semi-reboot that satiates the need for fans of the franchise as it opens more doors to future possibilities.


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