WowWee MiPosaur Review – From the Makers of the RoboSapien

From the creators of the lovable RoboSapien line comes a new robot pet to come into your home in the form of a friendly dinosaur – introducing the WowWee MiPosaur. This “robo-saur” can be controlled with hand gestures. You can also play with it with its ball. You can also use commands from the app that can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices. If you leave it alone, it is equally happy to do what it pleases itself.


The WowWee MiPosaur is Your New Robot Dinosaur Pet

The WowWee MiPosaur is made for kids of all ages; even “big” kids are able to have loads of fun with this one. As with its primate-looking cousins, this robot dinosaur isn’t trying too hard to look like the animal it mimics. It looks something that came out of Jurassic Park, had cybernetic implants all over, then miniaturized greatly. It takes on the obvious form of a raptor, but with wheels for legs, a glowing light-up body, and… you get the idea.

Speaking of wheels for legs, the MiPosaur has two of them (one for each foot). It is able to balance using gyros, much like the technology used in a Segway.

When you flip the dinosaur over, you will find a battery compartment that uses four AA batteries. The housing is protected greatly as there are three crosshead screws to unscrew prior to opening the hatch. Battery-life will depend on what type you use, but when using higher-end AAs then you can be assured that the robot dinosaur will be running(?) about for quite a while.

At its back, there is an LED that will change color depending on the toy’s mood. Blue means that it is curious about something, red means it is annoyed, and orange means that it is excited. Another element is its trackball, which features a six-way mode dial, an on/off switch, a status LED, and eight IR senders. The ball will take four AAA batteries for it to function.

You can also control it by using hand gestures. For instance, waving a hand down either side of its head will make it torn one way or the other. You can also make it spin 180-degrees, make it shake, or make it sit. But it can get bored if you don’t command it after a while. When it does get bored, it will just wander around the house on its own.

The WowWee MiPosaur promotes ton of character and playability. You can even leave it be and let it have fun by itself. There are, however, times that it can be unresponsive to hand gestures. It also needs plenty of space to roam around.


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