Sky Q – The 4K Box With Potential

2015 has been a good year for the TV, and it seems that the year is not over yet as we are now brought with the Sky Q. The British broadcasting giant aims to get back into the competition as the company has been seen to fall slightly behind its competitors. With the Q, they plan to make it the “ultimate home entertainment smart system.” It aims to connect every room in your house to the company’s services via Mini hubs, smart routers, and the central Silver command station.

Sky Q - The 4K Box With Potential

The Sky Q Lets You Have Boxes, Boxes, and More Boxes

With many TV sets coming in for the simple and minimalistic approach, the Sky Q deviates from that concept quite a bit. With the hubs, routers, and the command station, you will place a lot of these “boxes” around your home.

First up, let’s take a look at the Sky Q Silver box. It is the central command station that lets you connect to the Sky channels. With this, you can then use separate Mini “plug-ang-play” boxes to connect other TVs to the broadcasting network. The Minis do not need to be connected to the main Sky dish. When these are plugged in, they will offer all of the company’s live channels. You will then be able to stream recordings from the central command center box.

In the background of the entire system, the router powers the show. It connects all the various parts of the system to the Internet. You can also use the router to connect up to two tablets with the use of a dedicated app.

Looking at its hardware, the set looks pretty impressive; that is, if you don’t mind putting a lot of these “boxes” around your home. The central command center box has a slim design that will not look out of place in most homes. It is also petite in its architecture which makes it lightweight to carry around the home (should you decide to put it somewhere else).

Under the hood, the device will have 2TB of internal storage space. The company claims that it will be able to store up to 5-times as many recordings that the set’s predecessor. This means that most users will not have to worry about deleting their favorite shows anytime soon. As an added bonus, the command center will also be able to simultaneously record up to four bits of content without interrupting your current show.

The Sky Q might be running for the most functional home entertainment system to-date. Price for the system is still unknown and there are still a lot of details that are not yet revealed to the public. This makes many concerned as to how good will these features really be.


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