Withings Thermo – Keeping Track on the Whole Family’s Temperature

In the typical style of the company that made it, the Withings Thermo is sleek and very modern-looking. It has the functionality in keeping tabs on the whole family’s temperature, which is very neat. This is an infrared thermometer of the future made into a cylindrical matte-white tube. It has been slightly indented to one side with a green cap to finish on one end. To put the design into another perspective, it looks like it came straight out of a medical bay from a Sci-Fi movie.

Withings Thermo - Keeping Track on the Whole Family's Temperature

The Withings Thermo Could be the Futuristic Thermometer You’re Looking For

Using the Withings Thermo could not be any simpler than it already is; all you have to do is press the button, hold it at the side of your head (not the forehead, mind you), then wait for a few seconds until the device vibrates. That’s it!

On one side of the Thermo is a read-out in LED which will display the temperature. The device will then send the data it gathered to a companion app found in a connected smartphone. The thermometer works by combining 16 on-board sensors. The firm calls the combination as a “HotSpotSensor.” Said sensor would find the hottest spot on your head to bring out a reading. The readings are displayed quickly, and Withings claims that the readouts are super-accurate.

The device can even correct itself with its specially designed algorithm. Therefore, it can check for abnormalities such as heat loss and ambient temperature.

With many devices that are already out in today’s market relying solely on Bluetooth, Withings infra-red thermometer to beam data back into the app as it also has built-in Wi-Fi to do that as well. Within the app, users are able to set up different profiles for up to five family members. Each taken temperature will be recorded into the app’s diary for that specific person. Users are also able to add in any extra symptoms or medical issues. The data recorded can also be sent directly to your doctor, which is a very great feature considering you no longer have to go to physically go to your medical practitioner.

The Withings Thermo is powered by two A4 batteries, in which the company promises to last for about a year before needing to be replaced. Do note that this is with average use. With its quick readings, portable design, and handy list of features makes you feel more at ease every time you pull it out of your drawer.


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