LG 65G6 Signature OLED TV – Thin is Still in

The LG 65G6 Signature OLED TV joins in the competition of an already crowded market of super-slim TVs. However, the sad fact in this particular competition is that a lot of thin TVs don’t have the stylishness and impressiveness as the LG G6 “Signature” OLED range. This is a whole series of flagship, design-led Signature products made by LG. Also, it is by far, hands-down, the most glamorous looking line of television sets for your eyes to lay upon.

LG 65G6 Signature OLED TV - Thin is Still in

The LG 65G6 Signature OLED TV Looks Magnificent in More Ways Than One

The LG 65G6 Signature OLED TV is a series of 65 and 75-inch display with flat-screen chassis with only 2.57-millimeters in thickness. Furthermore, the majority of that “thickness” is made up of a translucent glass backplate. Hence, it creates the impression that the images are being created by the glass. The company calls this the “Pictures on Glass” effect.

The TV’s thinness is then further enhanced by the glass plate found to extend ever so slightly beyond that super-slim black frame. Said frame can be found sitting directly around the screen. Found on the bottom edged of the 65G6 Signature OLED TV is a built-in, front-facing sound bar which has a 4.2 stereo speaker configuration. Also, the TV’s desktop stand (which is where the speaker will latch on to) can pivot around to make for a slim but surprisingly sturdy wall mount.

The sound bar and wall mount are seriously clever stuff made by the engineers and designers of LG, especially when you consider the pivoting gimmick is built into a screen that does not go beyond 3-millimeters in thickness.

While the design of the TV is an absolute designer’s dream-come-true, its picture quality is perhaps its biggest impact to the public. One thing that is immediately obvious right at the onset is that the display is brighter than any other OLED TV you may have ever seen. This is due to the company’s use of new phosphors which enable the units to boost brightness to the minimum 540-nit peaks which are demanded by the UHD Premium standard.

The LG 65G6 Signature OLED TV claims to have a brightness increase in increments of 20-percent, however, the experience tells that it feels slightly more than just that. This is perhaps that the TV does a very incredibly job at producing rich black levels that are already achievable because of OLED technology. While everything about the TV is seen to be quite impressive, perhaps the only question now is how much will it cost once it hits the market.


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