Why Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge cost more than $100 than Samsung Galaxy S6?

Why Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge cost more than $100 than Samsung Galaxy S6?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge cost more than $100 than the Samsung Galaxy S6, the noticeable difference between the two is that the Samsung Galaxy S6 has straight edges and the Samsung S6 edge has a curved edge and that’s it, these two phones are identical twins that has the same size and has the same resolution.

Like Samsung Galaxy S6 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is an eye catcher, the design is perfectly built a better TouchWiz Android skin, and the cameras are great, what is in there about this Samsung S6 Edge?

With Galaxy S6 Edge you can quickly access your favorite contact through swipe from the edge of the screen. Once you assigned a contact to be a favorite contact – its edges will glow a certain color allowing you to see who is calling you, additionally, there is a pre-selected text you can send to your contacts, applicable if you are busy, you just have to double tap the heart rate censor and voila! The Edge looks great, and in terms of performance and battery life it is excellent just like the Samsung S6.

In conclusion, the additional $100 you are going to pay for Samsung S6 Edge is for the curve edge design and for the feature that the edge will glow when someone in your favorite contact list is calling you. If, the edges of Samsung S6 Edge is there to make it look good, more likely the additional $100 is not for convenience rather than for some fancy accessory because this phone will never fail to catch attention and can be a conversation starter so if you want to impress somebody this can be your perfect tool just don’t forget to show it off.


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