Dominating the Battle With Seppuku Elden Ring: Crafting Combos and Tactics

Published: 17 May 2023

Seppuku is a kind of skill in the game of Elden Ring. It is also a regular skill in Ashes of War. Seppeku skill can be applied on Swords (small and colossal weapons) and polearms for thrusting.

Seppuku Elden Ring

What Is Seppuku

Seppuku is an ancient form of ritual suicide practiced by the samurai class in Japan. It involves a person cutting their abdomen with a sword or dagger before bleeding out from the wound. In Elden Ring, Seppuku’s skill enables players to sacrifice their own lives and souls for power. This skill gives the player a brief moment of invincibility and increased strength, allowing them to take on powerful enemies easily. However, it also risks death, so it should be used cautiously.

What makes this practice even crazier is the Blood Affinity skill associated with it. The ritual increases the ability and power to inflict blood loss. If you possess this forbidden technique, you can control blood loss buildup from your body after performing seppuku, allowing for a more peaceful death rather than a painful one.

Where To Find Seppuku in Elden Ring

The Seppuku ritual in Elden Ring can be found at the mountaintop of the Giants. This location is said to be in the northwestern part of the game’s world. It is said that the ritual is part of a larger quest involving pilgrimage to the mountaintop of the Giants. This journey will involve fighting enemies and traversing treacherous terrain. Once at the mountaintop, players will be able to take part in the Seppuku ritual. Once complete, they will be rewarded with powerful magical items and the knowledge of the secrets of Elden Ring.

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Tips To Acquire Seppuku

The Seppuku can be obtained by defeating an Invisible Scarab near Freezing Lake, a Lost Grace site in the frozen lake area. The scarab’s movement can be tracked by following the golden tracks on the ground. The key to acquiring the Lost Ashes of War is to wait along its path and attack it when it gets close. Once obtained, the Ash of War can be equipped at any Lost Grace site.

For starters, learning proper polearms capable techniques is essential if you want to practice Seppuku correctly. You’ll also want to find yourself at a Freezing Lake site or bleed build where you can safely perform your feats without harming yourself or others. Finally, make sure you take the time to familiarize yourself with the necessary war skills before attempting a successful act of Seppuku. Only then will you be able to master this ancient art once and for all. Knowing these tips should help ensure that no one gets hurt during your attempt!

Building a Character With Seppuku in Elden Ring

To create a character with Seppuku in Elden Ring, the first step is to decide on the character’s background and story. What experiences have led them to their decision to take their own life? Are they a warrior, a noble, or a peasant? What is the reason for their sacrifice?

Once the backstory has been established, the next step is to decide on the character’s appearance. Is the character a skilled warrior dressed in traditional armor and wielding a katana? Or are they a nobleman wearing fine robes and a mask?

The next step is to decide on the character’s stats and abilities. Do they have a high level of Endurance, Strength, and Agility? Or do they specialize in a particular weapon, such as a bow or sword? Are they skilled swordsmen or powerful mages?

Finally, the character must be given a unique Seppuku move. This could be anything from a powerful slash with their katana to a magical blast from their hands. This move should be powerful enough to take out an enemy in one hit but not so powerful that it overpowers the character.

Once these elements have been decided, the character of Seppuku in Elden Ring is ready to be added to the game. With a unique backstory and powerful abilities, this character will be a force to be reckoned with in the world of Elden Ring.

Crafting Strategies With Seppuku

By understanding how to use Seppuku effectively and combining this knowledge with other skills and techniques from Elden Ring, you can maximize your attack power while minimizing blood loss.

With careful thought and preparation, using Seppuku, turning your opponent’s strength against them, is possible. The key to unlocking its full potential lies in mastering timing and technique – which only comes with practice. If you keep these principles in mind during combat, you will be well on your way to victory without resorting to drastic measures or risky tactics.

Strategies for Using Seppuku Skill Elden Ring

To make sure you do it right, here are my 4 tips on using Seppuku:

  1. Make sure to calculate your attack power carefully – You want enough force behind your strikes to be effective yet not cause too much damage or excessive bleeding.
  2. Keep some Seppuku ash of war handy – This can help control blood flow if things get out of hand.
  3. Look for the invisible teardrop scarab – This symbolizes completion and indicates that you have successfully completed your mission without suffering any major injuries or loss of life.

Benefits of Seppuku

Below are the benefits of Seppuku in Elden Ring:

  1. Increased Damage Output: Seppuku is a powerful technique that increases attack power in Elden Ring, which can be a great asset if you want to take down tough enemies.
  2. Increased Defensive Capabilities: Seppuku can provide an extra layer of protection against enemy attacks. This can be especially helpful if you struggle to survive tough battles.
  3. Improved Mobility: Seppuku can improve mobility, allowing you to move around the battlefield easily. This can be extremely helpful in large-scale battles, where mobility can make or break your success.
  4. Improved Strategic Planning: Seppuku can give you an edge in strategizing. You can use the technique to plan out your attacks, allowing you to better coordinate with your allies and make the most out of every situation.

Drawbacks of Seppuku

The main disadvantage of Seppuku in Elden Ring is that it is very difficult to perform. The game requires players to observe specific rituals and protocols to perform Seppuku correctly. This can be daunting for players unfamiliar with the process who may want to avoid making mistakes. Additionally, the process of Seppuku itself can be quite gruesome, as the player must take their own life. This can be emotionally taxing for some players, as they may not be prepared to face the consequences of their actions. Lastly, if the player is unsuccessful in performing Seppuku, they will be killed by their opponents, making the reward of success not worth the risk in some cases.

Crafting Combinations With Seppuku

Seppuku could theoretically be used in Elden Ring in combination with other elements. For example, a player might use a combination of Seppuku and a powerful magical item to create a powerful ritual that could be used to unlock a powerful secret or powerful creature in the game. Alternatively, Seppuku could be combined with a powerful weapon to create a weapon that could defeat difficult enemies. Seppuku could also be combined with a powerful potion to create a powerful potion that could restore health and mana or provide a powerful boost of stats. The possibilities are endless, and players can create unique combinations to create powerful rituals and weapons in Elden Ring.

Power Leveling With Seppuku

The invisible scarab is a great way to boost your character’s attack strength while reducing their FP cost. It works by expending energy from within the player themselves, allowing them to use fewer resources overall for each move they make. This makes it easy for gamers to reach higher levels faster.

Farming Seppuku

It’s time to farm that Seppuku and power level your way through Elden Ring! Don’t worry – it won’t be easy, but you can succeed quickly with the right arcane stat scaling and bleeding. You’ll need Ash of War to help you along the way, as this will allow you to unlock new weapons and armor to take on more powerful enemies, which means more rewards. The key here is progressing quickly and taking advantage of all the resources at your disposal while building up your character as much as possible. With patience and dedication, you’ll have everything set up just right before long.

Seppuku Strategies & Tips

To maximize one’s attack power when engaging in Seppuku, the best skills involve using the ash of war. This can be a powerful weapon against enemies and will boost your success rate if utilized correctly. Plus, it adds a whole new level of sophistication to the traditional form of suicide! Using this method provides increased protection from being overwhelmed by enemy forces. It also gives you greater control over how much damage you cause before coming out on top. Furthermore, it allows for more precise attacks since you can aim directly at specific targets. To make the most out of your experience, practice regularly to become proficient in its use with great war skill. With enough training and dedication, anyone should be able to master their technique and come away victorious every single time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Requirements To Use Seppuku in Elden Ring

There are no specific requirements to use Seppuku in Elden Ring. Seppuku is an optional gameplay feature that can instantly end a character’s life in the game. Players can choose to perform Seppuku in Elden Ring when they feel they have reached a point of no return or to take a last stand against an enemy. Seppuku is a voluntary act, so players must choose to perform it.

What Is the Best Weapon for Seppuku in Elden Ring?

There is no single “best” weapon for Seppuku in Elden Ring. Each player must decide which weapon best suits the task, considering factors such as their combat style and personal preferences. Some popular options include swords, daggers, spears, and bows.


We’ve answered your questions about Seppuku and its role in Elden Ring. It’s important to understand if you plan to play this game, as it can impact your character’s progression. All we can say is that using seppuku comes with risks but also rewards! It could give you the edge you need to succeed if used correctly. So don’t be afraid to try it out — make sure you know what you’re getting into before taking the plunge.


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